26 Being Slick

Prep for Easter was happening today, along with us going out to an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. In other words, family fun time with the “Easter Bunny”.

I did craft today, I put the finishing touches on NewLittleMan’s TNBC hat for his gift set.


The hat was started and finished in one evening but today I did the eyes up, attached them, and then stitched on his mouth. The eyes were surprisingly fun to do. The only tutorials I could find for tear drop or rain drop shapes were in foreign languages (picture tutorials). I had to wing it, I think they came out pretty good and I didn’t get frustrated by my lack of pattern which was very nice. I’m going to thank the Easter Bunny Spirit for that, his jelly beans must have given me a bit of extra patience. ūüėČ Thank you EB.

I have started on the jacket and can hardly wait to see NewLittleMan in his ensemble.


A Nice Nineteen

There is a fan page for The Nightmare Before Christmas on FB that I follow. Not too long ago they posted a picture of a crocheted baby suit made to honor Mr Jack Skellington himself. I scoured the internet in search of the pattern to purchase, because naturally I must have such a thing and make it for babies of my life. Yes MUST!

I found the picture that had been shared as a listing on etsy!! Yay!


Outfit made by DustyCrochetProps on Etsy.com


No pattern for it sadly, just the item itself. But hell, that is awesome too! I want to make one though so I am just going to have to do it myself. I’m sure it won’t be as amazing as this person’s creation but I’m going to give it my best shot. I started with the diaper cover. I’ve made these before so I didn’t have much trouble with making up this part of the pattern. It isn’t finished. My plan is to add the white pin stripes Jack has via DMC floss. However I don’t currently have any, nor do I have buttons. I do like that her pattern overlaps the waste, there is no size on the listing and I want to make a 3-6m size. I decided to make mine with non-overlapped waste. I’ll need extra buttons, especially because I have zero of the same size black or white buttons big enough for this diaper cover.

I will be making two of the same set. One going to the same little man, NewLittleMan, that received the Eagle Sleeping Cocoon. The other will be going to an ex-coworker of mine, T’s NewLittleOne. I shared the picture on Facebook and asked who wanted one and they both said they did…ask and you shall receive! lol

Here’s my progress so far:


I’ll be making both sets at the same time so tonight I’ll be getting the second diaper cover done. Both families know about the gift so I have no problem sharing.

It Starts!

As mentioned earlier today (here), I’ll be posting a new craft project every day this month in honor of creativity! March is National Craft Month. I actually did get out the glue gun and pop sticks today. But more on that in another post.

I’m starting with a BANG! A first is my first! The long awaited update on the project I ¬†mentioned in my inaugural Tangled Webb post: a peek at my first large self made pattern!

So far I have the ears made for my cat hatted sweater project. I saw a picture online of another crocheted cat hood that gave me the idea to put a smile into my hood even though it would be ears and a smile but no eyes. Yea that sounds kinda creepy…but it’s Cheshire inspired so in my head it makes perfect sense.

Hoodie Cat Ears

My ears!

A few weeks ago I created a one note “notebook” with all the important information gathered for the jacket

  • Inspiration pictures
  • patterns with similar shape
  • how to assemble tutorial links
  • Yarns I plan on using
  • doodles and overwhelming roughly sketched ideas
  • etc…

This weekend I began the hood that these two adorkable little ears would be attached to. All the colors are picked out and put into one of those reusable shopping bags so they are always together for me and are being kept in “my spot” in the living room. I¬†selected¬†my hook and watched some videos while I worked.

I began my hood, then un-began it, then began it again, and once more un-began, and repeat…you get the point.


One of the beginnings, this one didn’t make the cut!

I actually did it three times before I got it to look the way I wanted. Then I had to frog it once more. When I re-measured it to my head I realized that with only the few rows I had it would be¬†incredibly¬†heavy for a hood if I continued with the length I calculated. Not to mention it’s a hood that is supposed to be attached to the rest of the jacket. So I took it apart and increased my hook size. Then stitched it back together, twice since I now had to rework the pattern.

I ended up changing the pattern in the mean time of course since I hadn’t written it down very neatly. I’m kinda glad I was being so haphazard about something I’d normally be sort of OCD about since in the end I like the pattern as it ended up developing.


Here it is so far with some back/front post crochet, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. The post crochet rows, half double rows and double crochet rows will repeat, twice; I think…Reality is, I’m winging it so I’m not completely sure yet. I’m letting the yarn tangle me as it so chooses. So far it’s been a bit frustrating but I think the yarn and I now understand each other a tad better and the arguments between us shall ebb.

It’s National Crafting Month, what have you began crafting?

Colorful Christening


Yep I meant the shouty caps. So, now that I have your attention. Welcome to my other space. I decided to give myself a less stress inducing, or releasing depending on your point of view and how I feel the moment I type it, space for the crochet projects I’ve been doing. True my journey thru it all is being shared on purpose, but still, it’s nice to get out of my own head every now and again, thus my enjoyment of zoning out while crocheting.¬†Especially since this year I’ve decided to tackle one very large project all my own. I’m going to make my own pattern for a Cheshire Cat inspired sweater! Yes I know, insanity loves company and company likes to Crochet!

I’d also like to start making up more patterns on my own. They’ll end up here as well, and as well as the ones I’ve made based off other lovely creator’s patterns (with links directly to the creators of course). I enjoy crochet and hopefully you will follow along and enjoy it too, maybe even learn something along with me since I know I don’t know it all…yet. It’s stress relief. Not to mention it’s quite a useful habit that my mommy taught me when I was a child. If mass production of clothing ever fails all I need is a sheep, some sheers, and an ability to stomach farm animals smells. Though I may just ask my sistah Nancy to handle the sheep and pay her with free clothing. She’d absolutely do it for me too. Right Nanners? Right. Okay now that that’s been decided…



Work in Progress (WIP) Rainbow Face Scrubby

My christening of sorts for this blog is my¬†current quick project. A group of face scrubbies for Eldest Little, my 12 year old son. I have made two sets already, one each for each of my girls. I’ve made each of their sets with a different pastel Lily’s Sugar N Cream cotton yarn. I got the patterns for those two projects from Ravelry (I LOVE that site by the way, it’s free, go check it out, and no they don’t pay me).

Back to the task, the above circle is what I came up with for Eldest Little. It’s the only non-pastel cotton I have available. I initially tried it using the new Scrubby yarn from Red Heart but frankly I’m having trouble getting the hang of that yarn. Not to mention I don’t know that it’s really soft enough for a¬†face cloth; a body cloth sure, a counter-top wiping cloth absolutely, dish towel no problem, but not¬†so much his¬†face and frankly I want him to want to use it.¬†When I gave him the experimental disk he rubbed his fingers on it and made a face at me. It wasn’t the color that put him off to it (the girls didn’t like the feel of it either).



My experiment with Scrubby yarn. Hook included for size reference.

Needless to say, and yes I’m saying it, I switched to my last skein of cotton. Better for the skin anyway and at his age, that’s very important.¬†Such a protective Mama I am.

P.s. I also have the yarn in black, which is the color his would have been made of had I gotten the hang of it, I used pink first to experiment and not waste the black. Pretty sure I’ll be sending both to Mom so she can make some dish cloths. ¬†Keep an eye out Mommy.¬†