A Super Dog

This morning I agreed to make a dog a cape. Not just any dog though, my youngest child’s lovey. He’s not a big toy so I agreed and told her to grab me a yarn she wanted. Sure enough she grabbed the last ball of the same Lilly’s Sugar N Cream yarn I made her Scrubbies from. I started it on the way to a family get together, finished it while I was there chatting with the folks, and now Dog is wearing it tonight to bed of course.


Laying flat when completed.

I’d give you a gauge but I didn’t have anything to measure it with. I made the pattern up as I went using a part of an old Halloween costume (a ninja mask actually lol) that has been converted to a cape for her big sister’s lovey as a size guide. Had I known when I started she had Dog with her I would have measured against him. Either way it’s not very long or wide. My guess is that it is about 6 inches long, 7 at most and about 5 inches or so wide.


A Dog and his Cape!

I may be able to get my hands back on it tomorrow to get a measurement of it, I doubt it but maybe, if so I will update the post with the size (and also my Ravelry project page). In the mean time here are the specifics for my quick stitch project.


  • Hook: I (9mm)
  • Yarn*: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Scents, size 4, worsted weight
    • Color: Fleur de Lavende
  •  Yarn needle & scissors
  • Dog

*I need to note the yarn I used was not actually the LSC Scent one, it’s the closest color I could find online to the one I used for this quick project. I no longer have the wrapper for the remainder of the skein but if I ever buy more I’ll let you know what the color and lot really are. Any size 4 worsted weight would work for this. It’s quite possible this is actually the Peaches & Cream, color Candy Sprinkles, sold at Wal-Mart since I sometimes get my yarn there. Either way it’s a cotton size 4.

Dog’s cape took me about 2 hours to make in total and will hopefully grant Littlest many nights of bravery against bad dreams. 🙂


Dog is already saving the day for Littlest.


Thankful on Thirteen for Sixteen Researching

Today’s post comes care of Sunday. Today I spent my free time searching quilt patterns. Not because I do quilting (my Mother-in-Law does though so we have many of them in our home). My plan is to make a light summer bed spread for my Queen sized bed. My mother and I had made a clown blanket together many years ago out of 4×4 granny squares. PING, light bulb!

HH and I had talked about replacing our summer bread spread that got ruined by battery acid but have not gotten around to go shopping for to it the last few years. So I’ll just make one instead. Therefore, today was research day. I’d be looking to find a light cotton yarn or thread (suggestions are more than welcome by the way) and a color pattern that will go nice with the fresh coat of paint going onto the walls during HH’s Spring Break hiatus and the Winter Quilt his mother made for us three years ago. Why that? Because she made a wall hanging to match it and I love the material I had chosen for it and we hung it on the wall so it has to match. Yes it does.

Clown Twin sized

Mommy & Me made a Twin sized Quilt!


Sunday afternoon I had finished up a project I had been working on for a new man in my life, my Tribe’s baby! But first, I broke out the heavy equipment! My Brother sewing machine. I was going to stitch a patch to the item I crocheted with some clear thread because hand sewing it on wasn’t going to cut it. Thus I had to wind a bobbin. I’m quite proud of myself for doing this actually. I can’t even remember the last time I took out my sewing machine. And, I didn’t mess it up or tangle the thread or nuthin’! 😀



On to my project for the day, or rather, finishing of my project. I used Philadelphia Eagles colors because they’re Eagles fans, naturally. The buttons are care of my MIL. She had let me raid her stash last year when I needed buttons for the donation set and I got a handful of others besides the ones for that project. I thought these would be festive perfection for NewLittleMan.


I have the project over in my Ravelry profile naturally.  It’s a free pattern by Mama That Makes which can be found via this link here. I crochet very loosely when I DC for some reason so it’s larger than the pattern she created in sense of gauge. I also added a couple of rows to ensure it would fit for a while since I wasn’t sure how tall NewLittleMan was going to be by the time he wouldn’t stay in it any longer.

Sunday night I got to see the family that would be getting the snuggie / cocoon / thing-a-ma-bob, a family in my Tribe which I’m so thankful to have in my life, while we all celebrated my niece’s 20th birthday. Coincidentally I got Mommy and Daddy in my selfie with snoozing NewLittleMan. It wasn’t planned that way, just a happy oops. That’s Mommy beside me with the white shirt and sleepy Daddy beside her.



They loved it. Mommy even called it a new family heirloom. Touchdown for me! Mommy sent me a picture of him all snuggled up when they got home.


No flash photography please, you’ll wake the baby.

He’s a wiggler and luckily my stitching is loose so Mommy will be able to (and did) adjust as needed. Little boys tend to be escape artists ya know. 🙂  I was so happy to get the picture, it was unexpected. I love making things for my family and friends. I’m that person.

I didn’t request a pic of him sleeping in it but a million thank yous Mommy for sending it to me. I love it in all its dark blurry perfection and I love you too (and the boys).

We’re at the half way point now and I’ve only missed two days of creativity. It’s been hard to keep up with getting the posts done but a lot fun making the stuff. What NaCraMo creation have you crafted this week?


Well I did it! I finished making all three of my Littles their own face scrubby sets.

The last one I’d been working on was for my son. He’s the oldest and honestly I probably should have done his first but…too late for that. It’s done and there we go. In case you missed it, the scrubby I’m talking about is the one I posted about on my initial post here on A Tangled Webb.

I could have finished it within a day or so of starting it, but then life happened and I set it down. I officially finished it this past Sunday, prior to the big game of course.

I’m almost positive he already started using it. He better have or he’s going to have one mad Mama.

20160207_161913 (1)

I have a basic pattern to it written out but I’m going to have my teacher, aka Mom, make it also. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s been hired as my simple pattern tester. It pays in Grand-kid loves and you can’t beat that! After she confirms it for me I’ll be posting it as my first pattern, it will be free too. Can’t beat that either. 😉

Here are the other two I made:

The first one I made was for my youngest and it is care of this free pattern here: Face Scrubby by Dianne Hunt



The second was for the middle child, both of my girls do use them, I’ve witnessed them doing so. I tend to not spy on the 12 year old’s bathroom habits so I can neither confirm nor absolutely deny that his are already being used; however, I’m going with yes cause Mommy said to do it thus he must do so. Anyway, here is the link to the other pattern, also free: Face Scrubby by Diva Stitches




The pouch for the second pattern I really liked so I used it as inspiration for mine. I should have added one more round to mine though since it is basically the same size as the scrubbers. The extra round would allow for a bit more ease of removal and insertion of the pads. Ah well, ya live and learn, right?

Besides I’m going to instruct my pattern tester to do so. I joined the pouch in the Diva Stitches pattern together differently than listed by using single crochet stitches. Not that it wouldn’t work as listed, it did. I wanted to test the look with the SC and liked the way it formed a boarder so didn’t frog the joining. Both ladies did a great job and I love their patterns. I’m sure I’ll be making some for more of my family members. For the pouch I made for my son I joined the two pieces using a slip stitch in back loops only then sewed the big blue button I found in my sewing basket to the front.

I used Lily’s Sugar N Cream cotton yarn for all three. They’re great for yourself or as a gift and crochet up nice and quick. Happy Hooking!

Colorful Christening


Yep I meant the shouty caps. So, now that I have your attention. Welcome to my other space. I decided to give myself a less stress inducing, or releasing depending on your point of view and how I feel the moment I type it, space for the crochet projects I’ve been doing. True my journey thru it all is being shared on purpose, but still, it’s nice to get out of my own head every now and again, thus my enjoyment of zoning out while crocheting. Especially since this year I’ve decided to tackle one very large project all my own. I’m going to make my own pattern for a Cheshire Cat inspired sweater! Yes I know, insanity loves company and company likes to Crochet!

I’d also like to start making up more patterns on my own. They’ll end up here as well, and as well as the ones I’ve made based off other lovely creator’s patterns (with links directly to the creators of course). I enjoy crochet and hopefully you will follow along and enjoy it too, maybe even learn something along with me since I know I don’t know it all…yet. It’s stress relief. Not to mention it’s quite a useful habit that my mommy taught me when I was a child. If mass production of clothing ever fails all I need is a sheep, some sheers, and an ability to stomach farm animals smells. Though I may just ask my sistah Nancy to handle the sheep and pay her with free clothing. She’d absolutely do it for me too. Right Nanners? Right. Okay now that that’s been decided…



Work in Progress (WIP) Rainbow Face Scrubby

My christening of sorts for this blog is my current quick project. A group of face scrubbies for Eldest Little, my 12 year old son. I have made two sets already, one each for each of my girls. I’ve made each of their sets with a different pastel Lily’s Sugar N Cream cotton yarn. I got the patterns for those two projects from Ravelry (I LOVE that site by the way, it’s free, go check it out, and no they don’t pay me).

Back to the task, the above circle is what I came up with for Eldest Little. It’s the only non-pastel cotton I have available. I initially tried it using the new Scrubby yarn from Red Heart but frankly I’m having trouble getting the hang of that yarn. Not to mention I don’t know that it’s really soft enough for a face cloth; a body cloth sure, a counter-top wiping cloth absolutely, dish towel no problem, but not so much his face and frankly I want him to want to use it. When I gave him the experimental disk he rubbed his fingers on it and made a face at me. It wasn’t the color that put him off to it (the girls didn’t like the feel of it either).



My experiment with Scrubby yarn. Hook included for size reference.

Needless to say, and yes I’m saying it, I switched to my last skein of cotton. Better for the skin anyway and at his age, that’s very important. Such a protective Mama I am.

P.s. I also have the yarn in black, which is the color his would have been made of had I gotten the hang of it, I used pink first to experiment and not waste the black. Pretty sure I’ll be sending both to Mom so she can make some dish cloths.  Keep an eye out Mommy.