All March Long

I did it! Mostly! I’m pretty proud of what I came up with for 31 days of being crafty on the run, and I only missed four days; with valid reasoning of course. Next March will go a lot smoother since now I have a bunch of links, ideas, pins, and the like to create not only crochet projects but also other crafting projects all saved up. The list just keeps growing!

For this last project of the day we did one very simple thing, we decorated the outside of a canvas bag for Middle. She currently takes ballet, it’s her second year of doing dance classes and, like her Mom, she is sometimes forgetful. Luckily the instructor is super sweet and understanding so missing foot covering for a class here and there has not been a problem. She doesn’t take tap after all.  However, in order to help her remember to grab her dance shoes I promised her I’d get her a bag to carry her stuff to and from class in that we could keep right by the door. In the spirit of National Craft Month I let her pick out a tote and we grabbed the markers. She even let Littlest help with the decorating. It wasn’t as much “help” as Littlest wanted to give big sister but it was enough to keep them from breaking out into a fight. Middle loved this idea much better than me just buying her a bag at the studio…so did my wallet.

  • Canvas bag from Dollar Tree $1.00
  • Markers from home $0.00 (although you can also use the ones they sell at the Dollar Tree so also only $1.00)
  • Time with my girls FREE and filled with Love!
  • Total monetary cost of project $1.05 (or $2.10 if’ we’d bought new markers)

Middle & Littlest decorating the canvas bag

Considering I had not planned ahead and begun this non-crochet journey on the fly, I think I fared pretty well in what I came up with while still getting some crochet in. Below is s summary with all the links for this month’s projects but we’ll be back to the Tangling by this Webb next month.

  • March 1st Celebrate Creativity: My post about craft month
  • March 2nd It Starts!: I started my big project for the year, a crocheted jacket
  • March 3rd Crafty Deux: two popsicle frames
  • March 4th Three Trees: star wars snowflakes
  • March 5th For the Fourth: The beginning of dream catchers
  • March 6th Finished on the Fifth: I finished my dream catcher
  • March 7th Sixth Day Smiles: Finished off the Littles’ dream catchers
  • March 8th  this craft was posted on the 10th since I was sick on the 7th and 8th
  • March 9th Nifty Nine: for Panic Day I made a crocheted cup cozie and had calamine tea
  • March 10th Yester-Eight: The basket made on the 8th while I was sick
  • March 11th Ten: The top hat for middle name day, Victoria
  • March 12th Tool Time: Time spent organizing all my tools and supplies
  • March 13th Silly Pretty Twelve: Making silly pencil toppers and pretty pencil toppers
  • March 14th Simply Pie: A “Pi” Pie crocheted wearable pin
  • March 15th An Idle Fifteenth: A page of suggestions since I didn’t craft
  • March 16th Thankful for Thirteen on Sixteen: My finished baby cocoon for NewLittleMan
  • March 17th there was no craft done this day, we spent time together just being us
  • March 18th Skipped Seventeen Sort-Of: My post about St Paddys day with my family
  • March 19th Eighteen and Eager: Painting the supply cabinets for my scrap boooking supplies
  • March 20th A Nice Nineteen: Starting the TNBC baby set, the bottom is almost done
  • March 21st Almost There Twentieth: Starting TNBC baby hat, blanket squares, and making cards for Grandma
  • March 22nd Twenty-One Finally Done: The date night jar
  • March 23rd Two for Twenty-Two: The beginning of Mermaid tails
  • March 24th Twenty-Two Part Two on Three: The finishing of our Mermaid tails
  • March 25th Twenty-Five HE is Alive: Easter stained glass window
  • March 26th 26 Being SlickThe finishing touches added to TNBC baby hat.
  • March 27th EGG-Static 27: Coloring Easter Eggs, a family First!
  • March 28th there was no craft done this day, we spent time together just being us
  • March 29th Colorful 29: Coloring is good for the soul, it’s calming.
  • March 30th there was no craft done this day, I spent the time sleeping due to being sick yet again.
  • March 31st All March Long:  We decorated a canvas bag for Middle.

And that is all she wrote…err…we…created! It was a lot and it was a lot of fun! How did you fare for NaCraMo2016?


Angie the Admin aside: Sorry for the delay, I will need to reinstall my WordPress app it seems, I pushed this post and the one for the 29th to go live via mobile app, obviously it didn’t upload to published as I had expected it to. Bad mobile, bad!



Color-Full 29

Monday, the 28th, there was no crafting done after work. HH was sick so I didn’t feel up to that kind of thing with the kids. Last night I didn’t do a craft per-say. But, Surprise Baby Sitting my Uber Adorable baby Niece happened. When she arrived we were just finishing up our dinner, she wasn’t hungry so I got her a coloring book and she was happy as a little clam for almost an hour.

When Middle and Littlest were done with their dinners they joined in on her fun. It was awesome watching the three of them, as usual. What made it even better was I was feeling horrible when I got home, thank you sinus pressure causing migraine! Their happy giggles and fun honestly helped make me feel better! Happiness is Healthy! And healthy is infectious!



I love to color, I always have. This new “trend” for Adult Coloring is right up my inner-5 year old playground! It truly is. I currently have 3 of my own coloring books all to myself. The mandala on the right in the photo above is from a book I purchased for myself from Michael’s craft store late last year. The book (upper left) was a gift from my Big Sister for Christmas.

The pictures in the one from my sister are my favorite. At first glance I probably would never have purchased that book if it was up to me. But the more time I’ve spent just looking at the pages (while trying to decided on which to color of course) the more I love that book. She said it reminded her of me. It’s SO me!! I’m a Brooklyn girl at heart, thru and thru, born and bred, always and forever! And my mind goes so abstract at the most random times that it’s daunting even to me sometimes. The pictures in that book remind me of what my mind is like. Makes me love my sister just that much more that she gets me like that. The picture of the stars was the first one I colored in after I got it. There is method in the madness of it if you can believe it, and yep I colored the little girl like me. Of course!

As noted in this article in The Atlantic it’s good for you to color. It’s not really news for it to be announced that stress is a killer and that it’s okay to sometimes be like the little children, it’s actually in the Bible too; for completely different reasons but still it’s great advice. But if you would like to see some other info about how coloring is helpful here’s a link to some therapeutic input. (IMPORTANT ASIDE: I’m not a doctor so ask YOUR DOCTOR if you are still unsure if you should pick up the habit of picking up colors.)


The above is the latest book I aquirred. It was a gift to me from my Spirit Animal Kimi. The other two pictures are examples of the inside of it. I’d been considering doing a devotional for a while. Without even mentioning that to her she made it happen. Duuuuude, Kimi get outta my head. Just kidding, you can stay, don’t get scared. Anyway, if you’re itching to get out the markers and crayons but don’t have a coloring book, or your kid’s book is all full up, just click here for 29 free Printables to color. I’m considering doing one of those myself…

NaCraMo is almost over! What projects have you enjoyed the most?

Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest courtesy the artist and Laurence King 3

Actually, I’ve decided, yep I’m doing THIS one!

EGG-Static 27

Cheesy title is totes fitting! It’s also a first for my little clan. I’m not sure why but we have never done the egg dying thing for Easter with our kids. I asked HH about that, the why not of it all. He had no clue. I had no clue. Together we were clueless as could be.

Growing up  HH did not, he’s not bitter about it, neither am I. I’m okay with him having never dyed eggs on Easter (or prior to it) with his folks. Not my circus and all that jazz. 😉  My siblings and I used to do the egg thing with our Mom every Easter though and when I became a mom for the first time it was something I was happily looking forward to doing with my little sprout.


He’s not exactly a LITTLE sprout anymore

That first Toddler Easter rolled along and a kit was purchased and Eggs were boiled, then eaten sans being Decored to the Nines. Oops…we forgot a step. Hey we were new parents and that whole balancing thing came into play…right? No. We had time, we just didn’t do it. We had a great Easter though.


Draw patterns first, then Dip!


This pattern has repeated year after year. Until now. Executive decision was made! EASTER EGG DYING IS A MUST! There is no traumatic reason to this decision. It was something I enjoyed doing with my mom and siblings. That is my only reason for doing it. Treasured memories from childhood. That in itself is a gift from my mother. One I can provide my children, my husband, and myself. So we did it the old fashioned way.

  • coffee cups filled with 1/2 cup room temp tap water (we forgot about disposable cups)
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar in each cup
  • 10-20 drops of a food coloring color per cup
  • standard crayons (which we have in abundance of course)

How I taught Middle the double color technique


Viola! The fun began. We voted on it as a family. The decision was UNANIMOUS! We are doing this EVERY EASTER! I don’t know why we waited this long but every one of us had fun and there was absolutely no stress involved in doing this together. It was our craft time for the day. Plus side, HH and I have VERY pretty eggs to add to our lunch salads this week for work. SCORE!



Yummy Pretty New Family Tradition! Thanks Abuela!

26 Being Slick

Prep for Easter was happening today, along with us going out to an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. In other words, family fun time with the “Easter Bunny”.

I did craft today, I put the finishing touches on NewLittleMan’s TNBC hat for his gift set.


The hat was started and finished in one evening but today I did the eyes up, attached them, and then stitched on his mouth. The eyes were surprisingly fun to do. The only tutorials I could find for tear drop or rain drop shapes were in foreign languages (picture tutorials). I had to wing it, I think they came out pretty good and I didn’t get frustrated by my lack of pattern which was very nice. I’m going to thank the Easter Bunny Spirit for that, his jelly beans must have given me a bit of extra patience. 😉 Thank you EB.

I have started on the jacket and can hardly wait to see NewLittleMan in his ensemble.

Twenty Five HE is Alive

This weekend is Easter! A celebration of the rise of Christ from the grave. He is risen for our sins. In celebration, among the services and egg hunts, we will be continuing to do crafts together.


The view with the door closed.

I made this small stained glass window using plastic wrap, tissue paper circles, Popsicle sticks, paint and glue. It didn’t take long. I hung it to our side door with some tape.

Happy Easter everyone!


Twenty Two Part Two on Three

Okay, on three let’s finish up the Mermaid tails from Tuesday. Ready?



Wait!! Do we say three and then start or do we start as soon as we say three? I never did understand how that was supposed to work so let’s just get to the post shall we? Yes we shall!


Littlest on Tuesday doing the tracing.

We didn’t finish this project last night because I was down for the count. I had the migraine from Hades and basically slept all evening after work so tonight we got it finished instead. Which worked out well, Littlest was feeling a bit down and craft time cheered her right up! Ten points for Mommy!

On to the project…We left off Tuesday night at having added the Velcro strips. I was supposed to mention that the first part of the Velcro piece should be placed where I marked the black line in the template: Here’s the photo again for reference, ps. My bad Folks!

Exhibit A: Add Velcro where the black mark is on upper left.

Exhibit A: Add Velcro where the black mark is on upper left.

Once the glue is set (use HGG for this) glue the scales onto the main part of the tail. I suggest the wiggly type glittered ribbon as shown in my photos, sequins (which we didn’t have in our stash), pearl ribbon, or anything your heart desires. This was the most time consuming part. The ribbon wouldn’t stay with regular glue so the HGG was used. I let each of the girls put their ribbon on the tail then slide it to me and glued the pieces down where they placed them.

Here’s Middle doing her decorating prep by cutting pieces of pearl ribbon.


Once this part is done the last step is to glue the fins to the back side of the bottom. We also decorated the fins cause, well why not? More shiny! The girls had to go to bed when we were finished so they were not allowed to play with the dolls tonight. However, they are super excited to play with their new Mer-People, yes Mer-People. I made a tail for one of their Ken dolls as well as for a Barbie. How do you think we did?

My Barbie Model

My Barbie Model


Our Mer-People; (from l-r) Middle’s Doll, both of mine, and Littlest’s Doll 

Two for Twenty-Two

Today is World Water Day! Where would we all be without the wonder of H2o? I don’t know but I’d like to avoid it. In honor of the occasion today we had a water themed craft night, sort of.


Exhibit A: tails and supplies

I didn’t want to do a project that would use up water to be honest, seemed kind of counter-productive to the theme. Instead, while scrolling the Pin site the light bulb went off. Not because I saw my intended project but because I was trying to figure out if I had any coffee filters to make these adorable Ocean Animal Suncatchers. I don’t by the way.

Mermaids live in the ocean so yeah, it makes sense to randomly think of that. Tonight we begun what will be a two night (and two post) project: BARBIE TAILS!

As shown in Exhibit A above the Littles have tails already, but as soon as I whispered in my “we’re gonna do something awesome and super fun” -type voice to them that we would make more tails they squealed with excitement and abandoned the toys they were playing with. Yes, on the floor, directly in the path of my feet. Don’t worry I didn’t fall…hard.

Supplies Needed:

  • Felt Squares
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun (parental supervision required)
  • Velcro Dots/Strips
  • Sequins or Shiny Wiggle Ribbon
  • Pearl Ribbon
  • Barbie &/or Ken doll

Tonight started by me making a stencil out of a piece of Green felt for the main body of the tail. There were two options for this: with the fins attached and without. Without the the fins was easier for the girls to trace (especially Littlest) and cut out.  The dotted line across the green felt represents where to cut straight across if you don’t want the fins attached.  Then I made a cut out stencil of the fin. You will need to make two of the same fin with the one template.


Shown Large for Details

Step One: With the black sharpie trace the tail stencil onto a chosen color of felt. Also trace two fins. We chose a separate color for each, fish many times have different color fins from their scales. 🙂

Cut out all three pieces carefully.

Step Two: We attached a 1″ piece of sticky Velcro{soft side} to the back side of the felt (the side with the black markings) along the top straight edge. The other piece of the Velcro (the hook side) was attached to the front of the felt (non-black marked side). You should lay the Barbie onto the felt to ensure you are placing the front piece in the proper spot. You’ll want the tail to start at the hips so it may not lay completely flat, as shown below in Exhibit B


That was as far as we got tonight. Our next steps will be to decorate the front of the main part of the tail. It should be noted that due to the fact I only have heavy duty Velcro I had to use the HGG to keep the Velcro pieces attached to the felt. Otherwise when you pull them apart they come right off one side or the other. They can also be sewn on with a quick straight stitch.

We had fun doing just this part and only got frustrated trying to peel the back from the Velcro. We made a note to self to get less duty stuff next time we need to buy it. lol


Exhibit B: Littlest measuring where to place the front piece of Velcro

The tail is open in back on purpose, Barbie and Ken will need to walk in their tails you know. 😉