A Super Dog

This morning I agreed to make a dog a cape. Not just any dog though, my youngest child’s lovey. He’s not a big toy so I agreed and told her to grab me a yarn she wanted. Sure enough she grabbed the last ball of the same Lilly’s Sugar N Cream yarn I made her Scrubbies from. I started it on the way to a family get together, finished it while I was there chatting with the folks, and now Dog is wearing it tonight to bed of course.


Laying flat when completed.

I’d give you a gauge but I didn’t have anything to measure it with. I made the pattern up as I went using a part of an old Halloween costume (a ninja mask actually lol) that has been converted to a cape for her big sister’s lovey as a size guide. Had I known when I started she had Dog with her I would have measured against him. Either way it’s not very long or wide. My guess is that it is about 6 inches long, 7 at most and about 5 inches or so wide.


A Dog and his Cape!

I may be able to get my hands back on it tomorrow to get a measurement of it, I doubt it but maybe, if so I will update the post with the size (and also my Ravelry project page). In the mean time here are the specifics for my quick stitch project.


  • Hook: I (9mm)
  • Yarn*: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Scents, size 4, worsted weight
    • Color: Fleur de Lavende
  •  Yarn needle & scissors
  • Dog

*I need to note the yarn I used was not actually the LSC Scent one, it’s the closest color I could find online to the one I used for this quick project. I no longer have the wrapper for the remainder of the skein but if I ever buy more I’ll let you know what the color and lot really are. Any size 4 worsted weight would work for this. It’s quite possible this is actually the Peaches & Cream, color Candy Sprinkles, sold at Wal-Mart since I sometimes get my yarn there. Either way it’s a cotton size 4.

Dog’s cape took me about 2 hours to make in total and will hopefully grant Littlest many nights of bravery against bad dreams. 🙂


Dog is already saving the day for Littlest.


Simply Pie

Today is 3/14 which means it is π day. So I made some. I did, I have the beginning of a s’mores pie chilling in the fridge and hopefully it will set before bed time otherwise it’s going to end up as an “almost midnight” snack! 🙂

Pie pin on March 14 2016 pic1

The pattern was free from the Lion Brand yarn website, you may have to be a member (which is free) to see the pattern. I adapted their “whipped cream” instruction for it though. You can get to it thru my Ravelry profile or click directly on the link here. It took me about an hour to put this together, the tv and thoughts of the actual pie in my fridge kept distracting me.


Pie pin on March 14 2016 pic2

Attached to the back is a small brass pin, yep, from the stash in my craft room. I have no idea when I bought these but I have 23  more left. Who needs some Pi Pie in their life?

Happy NaCraMo Pi Day!


Blowing Kiss Emoji C2C Square

This is just TOO cute! I want to make one of these, looks like a super fun project. Not sure who I would give this too though. Any suggestions?? Below is part of a nine square series she’s making. I know I have all these colors sooo…

Seriously, who can I make this for?? I feel as though I need this kind of adorable in my project life.

**Note: This is her pattern and hard work that I am sharing, you can access the full pattern and details via the links on the bottom of this post. Nope I’m not an affiliate, just a fan!


There’s more emoji’s to check out!

If you missed square #1 you can find it here: Heart Eyes Emoji And square #2 here: Sobbing Emoji And square #3 here: Tears of Joy Emoji I am creating a 9-square corner-to-corner (C2C) blanket just like my Christmas Character Afghan but smaller. The squares are 15×15 pixels (where as my Christmas characters were 25×25) and each one has a different emoji face […]

Source: Blowing Kiss Emoji C2C Square and Pixel Graph

Check it out over on Repeat Crafter Me!