All March Long

I did it! Mostly! I’m pretty proud of what I came up with for 31 days of being crafty on the run, and I only missed four days; with valid reasoning of course. Next March will go a lot smoother since now I have a bunch of links, ideas, pins, and the like to create not only crochet projects but also other crafting projects all saved up. The list just keeps growing!

For this last project of the day we did one very simple thing, we decorated the outside of a canvas bag for Middle. She currently takes ballet, it’s her second year of doing dance classes and, like her Mom, she is sometimes forgetful. Luckily the instructor is super sweet and understanding so missing foot covering for a class here and there has not been a problem. She doesn’t take tap after all.  However, in order to help her remember to grab her dance shoes I promised her I’d get her a bag to carry her stuff to and from class in that we could keep right by the door. In the spirit of National Craft Month I let her pick out a tote and we grabbed the markers. She even let Littlest help with the decorating. It wasn’t as much “help” as Littlest wanted to give big sister but it was enough to keep them from breaking out into a fight. Middle loved this idea much better than me just buying her a bag at the studio…so did my wallet.

  • Canvas bag from Dollar Tree $1.00
  • Markers from home $0.00 (although you can also use the ones they sell at the Dollar Tree so also only $1.00)
  • Time with my girls FREE and filled with Love!
  • Total monetary cost of project $1.05 (or $2.10 if’ we’d bought new markers)

Middle & Littlest decorating the canvas bag

Considering I had not planned ahead and begun this non-crochet journey on the fly, I think I fared pretty well in what I came up with while still getting some crochet in. Below is s summary with all the links for this month’s projects but we’ll be back to the Tangling by this Webb next month.

  • March 1st Celebrate Creativity: My post about craft month
  • March 2nd It Starts!: I started my big project for the year, a crocheted jacket
  • March 3rd Crafty Deux: two popsicle frames
  • March 4th Three Trees: star wars snowflakes
  • March 5th For the Fourth: The beginning of dream catchers
  • March 6th Finished on the Fifth: I finished my dream catcher
  • March 7th Sixth Day Smiles: Finished off the Littles’ dream catchers
  • March 8th  this craft was posted on the 10th since I was sick on the 7th and 8th
  • March 9th Nifty Nine: for Panic Day I made a crocheted cup cozie and had calamine tea
  • March 10th Yester-Eight: The basket made on the 8th while I was sick
  • March 11th Ten: The top hat for middle name day, Victoria
  • March 12th Tool Time: Time spent organizing all my tools and supplies
  • March 13th Silly Pretty Twelve: Making silly pencil toppers and pretty pencil toppers
  • March 14th Simply Pie: A “Pi” Pie crocheted wearable pin
  • March 15th An Idle Fifteenth: A page of suggestions since I didn’t craft
  • March 16th Thankful for Thirteen on Sixteen: My finished baby cocoon for NewLittleMan
  • March 17th there was no craft done this day, we spent time together just being us
  • March 18th Skipped Seventeen Sort-Of: My post about St Paddys day with my family
  • March 19th Eighteen and Eager: Painting the supply cabinets for my scrap boooking supplies
  • March 20th A Nice Nineteen: Starting the TNBC baby set, the bottom is almost done
  • March 21st Almost There Twentieth: Starting TNBC baby hat, blanket squares, and making cards for Grandma
  • March 22nd Twenty-One Finally Done: The date night jar
  • March 23rd Two for Twenty-Two: The beginning of Mermaid tails
  • March 24th Twenty-Two Part Two on Three: The finishing of our Mermaid tails
  • March 25th Twenty-Five HE is Alive: Easter stained glass window
  • March 26th 26 Being SlickThe finishing touches added to TNBC baby hat.
  • March 27th EGG-Static 27: Coloring Easter Eggs, a family First!
  • March 28th there was no craft done this day, we spent time together just being us
  • March 29th Colorful 29: Coloring is good for the soul, it’s calming.
  • March 30th there was no craft done this day, I spent the time sleeping due to being sick yet again.
  • March 31st All March Long:  We decorated a canvas bag for Middle.

And that is all she wrote…err…we…created! It was a lot and it was a lot of fun! How did you fare for NaCraMo2016?


Angie the Admin aside: Sorry for the delay, I will need to reinstall my WordPress app it seems, I pushed this post and the one for the 29th to go live via mobile app, obviously it didn’t upload to published as I had expected it to. Bad mobile, bad!



EGG-Static 27

Cheesy title is totes fitting! It’s also a first for my little clan. I’m not sure why but we have never done the egg dying thing for Easter with our kids. I asked HH about that, the why not of it all. He had no clue. I had no clue. Together we were clueless as could be.

Growing up  HH did not, he’s not bitter about it, neither am I. I’m okay with him having never dyed eggs on Easter (or prior to it) with his folks. Not my circus and all that jazz. 😉  My siblings and I used to do the egg thing with our Mom every Easter though and when I became a mom for the first time it was something I was happily looking forward to doing with my little sprout.


He’s not exactly a LITTLE sprout anymore

That first Toddler Easter rolled along and a kit was purchased and Eggs were boiled, then eaten sans being Decored to the Nines. Oops…we forgot a step. Hey we were new parents and that whole balancing thing came into play…right? No. We had time, we just didn’t do it. We had a great Easter though.


Draw patterns first, then Dip!


This pattern has repeated year after year. Until now. Executive decision was made! EASTER EGG DYING IS A MUST! There is no traumatic reason to this decision. It was something I enjoyed doing with my mom and siblings. That is my only reason for doing it. Treasured memories from childhood. That in itself is a gift from my mother. One I can provide my children, my husband, and myself. So we did it the old fashioned way.

  • coffee cups filled with 1/2 cup room temp tap water (we forgot about disposable cups)
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar in each cup
  • 10-20 drops of a food coloring color per cup
  • standard crayons (which we have in abundance of course)

How I taught Middle the double color technique


Viola! The fun began. We voted on it as a family. The decision was UNANIMOUS! We are doing this EVERY EASTER! I don’t know why we waited this long but every one of us had fun and there was absolutely no stress involved in doing this together. It was our craft time for the day. Plus side, HH and I have VERY pretty eggs to add to our lunch salads this week for work. SCORE!



Yummy Pretty New Family Tradition! Thanks Abuela!

Twenty Two Part Two on Three

Okay, on three let’s finish up the Mermaid tails from Tuesday. Ready?



Wait!! Do we say three and then start or do we start as soon as we say three? I never did understand how that was supposed to work so let’s just get to the post shall we? Yes we shall!


Littlest on Tuesday doing the tracing.

We didn’t finish this project last night because I was down for the count. I had the migraine from Hades and basically slept all evening after work so tonight we got it finished instead. Which worked out well, Littlest was feeling a bit down and craft time cheered her right up! Ten points for Mommy!

On to the project…We left off Tuesday night at having added the Velcro strips. I was supposed to mention that the first part of the Velcro piece should be placed where I marked the black line in the template: Here’s the photo again for reference, ps. My bad Folks!

Exhibit A: Add Velcro where the black mark is on upper left.

Exhibit A: Add Velcro where the black mark is on upper left.

Once the glue is set (use HGG for this) glue the scales onto the main part of the tail. I suggest the wiggly type glittered ribbon as shown in my photos, sequins (which we didn’t have in our stash), pearl ribbon, or anything your heart desires. This was the most time consuming part. The ribbon wouldn’t stay with regular glue so the HGG was used. I let each of the girls put their ribbon on the tail then slide it to me and glued the pieces down where they placed them.

Here’s Middle doing her decorating prep by cutting pieces of pearl ribbon.


Once this part is done the last step is to glue the fins to the back side of the bottom. We also decorated the fins cause, well why not? More shiny! The girls had to go to bed when we were finished so they were not allowed to play with the dolls tonight. However, they are super excited to play with their new Mer-People, yes Mer-People. I made a tail for one of their Ken dolls as well as for a Barbie. How do you think we did?

My Barbie Model

My Barbie Model


Our Mer-People; (from l-r) Middle’s Doll, both of mine, and Littlest’s Doll 

Twenty-One Finally Done

Please note this was uploaded via mobile app and did not post when it should have (last night) so you get two posts tonight. Dang app! Grrr…

Today’s project was one that I had decided to make a while ago but never got around to. Have you seen those “idea jar” posts on the internet? I’ve seen them for all kinds of ideas of course. A few would be:

  • Boredom Busters for Kids
  • Family Meal Plan Options
  • Exercise Choices
  • Lunch Choices (at school)

The version I’ve seen that I wanted to do was the Date Night Jar! A date night jar can be filled with ideas for a specific theme (like sexy dates, free dates, unusual dates, bucket list dates, etc.) or with random ideas that fit all the categories you can think of.


Supplies Galore!

My HH and I have been married for 10 years. We make sure to carve time out of our very busy family life for just us. The kids have gotten used to it, even if they do give us an “awe, I wanna go too” when we tell them. Date night is usually spontaneous as far as availability goes so most times we do dinner and movie. Which is fine since we like most of the same kinds of movies and we can only afford it when it’s a big movie we both want to see anyway. Yep we’re a “blockbusters” kinda movie couple, otherwise we Redbox or Netflix it. 🙂

In order to gather up a few more date nights without necessarily hurting the family funds and still keeping the movie & meal option open I chose to make my selection for date night ideas more wallet friendly and picked 27 free or low cost ideas. Our official “coupling” was on the 27th so that is why I chose that many. Next, out came the supplies.


My Wooden Rainbow

I used my kids markers to color the back and front of the 27 Popsicle sticks. We both love art and color is more representative of that for us, me specifically. There are three of each color of the rainbow, although since I was coloring rather than painting the sticks the Red, Orange, and Pink look pretty much the same…but they aren’t. You’ll just have to trust me on that.

This can of course be done with paints. If using paint there are a few ways of coloring the sticks:

    • Dip one end into the paint and set it into a Styrofoam stand to dry (laying it would ruin the paint on that side). Repeat on other end.
    • Dip the stick only half way (as noted above), only paint the one half.
    • Lay them on newspaper and paint one side with tempra or acrylic water based paint, let dry. Repeat on the other side. Use different colors or all one color.
    • Lay them on  newspaper and paint them all one color with spray paint, let dry. Flip over and repeat.
    • Only paint one side in any of the above methods.

I did all the coloring while HH and I were watching a movie on TV. Then I used a fine tip felt pen to write one idea on each stick. I used markers to color in the “Mr & Mrs” wooden cut out that was in my craft stuff too. I bought that at Michael’s Arts & Crafts a while ago and it’s been waiting to be used for this exact project. 🙂


That’s one way to do it

My trusty HGG came out to attached the two colors of ribbon to the dowel rod. I wanted a blooming flower of ideas theme to the look of my “jar”. Marriage takes work, just like a garden. The idea sticks are the “ideas”, the wooden cut out is the bloom of our marriage and then of course there is the vessel we plant it into. Which is also special.

The vase was hand-made by HH himself back when we were dating.

I’ve used the vase over and over for various things through our 10 years together, last was a candle holder. When I saw it sitting on the shelf it occurred to me that this was the perfect vessel for our Mr & Mrs Date night container so I had to scrape out the remaining melted wax inside with a spoon. I used the HGG to drop a ton of glue into the bottom of that small vase so the “flower” would stand upright. I had to hold the dowel in place till the glue cooled enough for the sign not to tip over; maybe three minutes tops. Then I tied a lace ribbon around it, cause why not…

The project took me the entire movie time, granted I wasn’t completely focused only on the project…the movie was better than I was expecting it to be. I showed it to HH and he loved it. He did ask about the suggestions but I told him he’d have to wait for our dates to find out. Now to schedule our next date…who wants to babysit?!



Flower Pot made by Mr J. Webb, Coloring & Ideas composed by Mrs A. Webb


Thankful on Thirteen for Sixteen Researching

Today’s post comes care of Sunday. Today I spent my free time searching quilt patterns. Not because I do quilting (my Mother-in-Law does though so we have many of them in our home). My plan is to make a light summer bed spread for my Queen sized bed. My mother and I had made a clown blanket together many years ago out of 4×4 granny squares. PING, light bulb!

HH and I had talked about replacing our summer bread spread that got ruined by battery acid but have not gotten around to go shopping for to it the last few years. So I’ll just make one instead. Therefore, today was research day. I’d be looking to find a light cotton yarn or thread (suggestions are more than welcome by the way) and a color pattern that will go nice with the fresh coat of paint going onto the walls during HH’s Spring Break hiatus and the Winter Quilt his mother made for us three years ago. Why that? Because she made a wall hanging to match it and I love the material I had chosen for it and we hung it on the wall so it has to match. Yes it does.

Clown Twin sized

Mommy & Me made a Twin sized Quilt!


Sunday afternoon I had finished up a project I had been working on for a new man in my life, my Tribe’s baby! But first, I broke out the heavy equipment! My Brother sewing machine. I was going to stitch a patch to the item I crocheted with some clear thread because hand sewing it on wasn’t going to cut it. Thus I had to wind a bobbin. I’m quite proud of myself for doing this actually. I can’t even remember the last time I took out my sewing machine. And, I didn’t mess it up or tangle the thread or nuthin’! 😀



On to my project for the day, or rather, finishing of my project. I used Philadelphia Eagles colors because they’re Eagles fans, naturally. The buttons are care of my MIL. She had let me raid her stash last year when I needed buttons for the donation set and I got a handful of others besides the ones for that project. I thought these would be festive perfection for NewLittleMan.


I have the project over in my Ravelry profile naturally.  It’s a free pattern by Mama That Makes which can be found via this link here. I crochet very loosely when I DC for some reason so it’s larger than the pattern she created in sense of gauge. I also added a couple of rows to ensure it would fit for a while since I wasn’t sure how tall NewLittleMan was going to be by the time he wouldn’t stay in it any longer.

Sunday night I got to see the family that would be getting the snuggie / cocoon / thing-a-ma-bob, a family in my Tribe which I’m so thankful to have in my life, while we all celebrated my niece’s 20th birthday. Coincidentally I got Mommy and Daddy in my selfie with snoozing NewLittleMan. It wasn’t planned that way, just a happy oops. That’s Mommy beside me with the white shirt and sleepy Daddy beside her.



They loved it. Mommy even called it a new family heirloom. Touchdown for me! Mommy sent me a picture of him all snuggled up when they got home.


No flash photography please, you’ll wake the baby.

He’s a wiggler and luckily my stitching is loose so Mommy will be able to (and did) adjust as needed. Little boys tend to be escape artists ya know. 🙂  I was so happy to get the picture, it was unexpected. I love making things for my family and friends. I’m that person.

I didn’t request a pic of him sleeping in it but a million thank yous Mommy for sending it to me. I love it in all its dark blurry perfection and I love you too (and the boys).

We’re at the half way point now and I’ve only missed two days of creativity. It’s been hard to keep up with getting the posts done but a lot fun making the stuff. What NaCraMo creation have you crafted this week?

Sixth Day Smiles

Today I made Dream Catchers again. This time I made one with each of my two girls while my son worked on his school project, a large poster about the subject of his research paper. He “crafted” on his own, cause HOMEWORK. :)-

Day 6 muppet1

Patient little hands.

Showing Littlest how to wrap the string around itself frustrated her but she did very well not letting it get the best of her. We did it together as much as she could and then I took over again for a bit. We added a jewel to hers since she did so well. She made up a nice little story about the jewel being the “bee”, aka Bad Dream, that the spider catches in the dream web. She threaded it with some invisible thread and I tied it on for her.

I was so proud of her for the patience she had today. She’s just like her mommy sometimes thus frustration can lead to tears with ease; today it did not. Instead it sparked extra creativity. Since she was being so well behaved #ProudMommy let her finish the project despite it being an hour after her normal nap time then we hung it up over her bed and then she took her nap.

day 6 muppet2

Littlest’s creation in the middle of their 2 Authentic Dream Catchers

While Littlest “napped” Middle and I made hers. Littlest made hers with a Fall theme because her birthday is in the fall and she found a very pretty fall ribbon in our craft supplies. Middle decided to go with a Winter theme because it is one of her favorite seasons. I only told them to pick a ribbon, they made the “season” theme choices themselves.

I did help them with ideas for the ribbons to attach to the bottom and soft materials that would help the good dreams glide down to them. Middle chose the soft pom poms as representations of snow balls. 🙂

day 6 bug2

Middle weaves her web.

The weaving part was just as difficult for Middle to get the hang of so I did have to help her with it just as much as I did with Littlest. There was no frustration, just a lot of confusion. She chose a silver ribbon and the purple/blue/pink ombre string for the web. A white bead for her “spider” because it looked like another snowball, and the golden ribbon as the morning ray of sunshine to come. She doesn’t do naps anymore so we waited till bedtime to bring hers up and then I hung it up for her above her bed.

Sweet dreams for my girls are on their way and another successful NaCraMo is on the books! How did you fare today?

day 6 bug1

Daddy holding Middle’s creation.

Three Trees

Not exactly a tree, or three.

Today’s craft for 3/3 day is SNOWFLAKES! Paper snowflakes of course, I’m a mother but not of Nature. I heard thru the grapevine that we’re expecting a passing of some of that cold white stuff this evening for the area I live in. I’ll believe it when I see it.


We’re not making just any paper snowflakes. We’re nerding out tonight and making Star Wars Snowflakes! I know!!! I was excited too. I couldn’t wait to tell the crew, and I knew even Eldest would want to give it a go. I got the idea care of the fabulousness of scrolling Pintrest.

The idea was on my Pintrest feed (now on my Trek Wars board) and it fit my desire for both Nerdism and Snowflakes perfectly. So thank you Mr Anthony Herrera for your awesome designs and thank you to Geek Culture ( ) for sharing it! All the pattern templates are free over on Geek Culture so go ahead and have some fun.


Here are a couple ideas for more than plain white.

  • Use black construction paper or card stock and clear glue to add glitter for a Galaxy snowflake.
  • Black and blue glitter applied with clear glue for a reverse of the latter.
  • Finger paint some paper (or let the kiddos do it) and use the dried artwork as your snowflake paper.
  • Print the pattern you want and trace it onto thin cardboard (like the packaging of a box of address labels from an office supply store) then cut out the grey area and outer shape (either a square or circle). You just made yourself a stencil to make multiple of the same snowflake without unnecessary waste of printer ink and toner (and thus money).


Tonight all five of us took part in craft night, yep even Hottie Hubby. I printed out 10 of the patterns and we each picked one. Littlest had a bit of trouble getting thru all the layers of paper and Middle also needed help with the detail work. After having a nice birthday dinner with Grandma we came home to make our craft and we had more fun. Check out the pictures below and leave a comment with what you’ve done today for NaCraMo. 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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