Blowing Kiss Emoji C2C Square

This is just TOO cute! I want to make one of these, looks like a super fun project. Not sure who I would give this too though. Any suggestions?? Below is part of a nine square series she’s making. I know I have all these colors sooo…

Seriously, who can I make this for?? I feel as though I need this kind of adorable in my project life.

**Note: This is her pattern and hard work that I am sharing, you can access the full pattern and details via the links on the bottom of this post. Nope I’m not an affiliate, just a fan!


There’s more emoji’s to check out!

If you missed square #1 you can find it here: Heart Eyes Emoji And square #2 here: Sobbing Emoji And square #3 here: Tears of Joy Emoji I am creating a 9-square corner-to-corner (C2C) blanket just like my Christmas Character Afghan but smaller. The squares are 15×15 pixels (where as my Christmas characters were 25×25) and each one has a different emoji face […]

Source: Blowing Kiss Emoji C2C Square and Pixel Graph

Check it out over on Repeat Crafter Me!