Twenty-One Finally Done

Please note this was uploaded via mobile app and did not post when it should have (last night) so you get two posts tonight. Dang app! Grrr…

Today’s project was one that I had decided to make a while ago but never got around to. Have you seen those “idea jar” posts on the internet? I’ve seen them for all kinds of ideas of course. A few would be:

  • Boredom Busters for Kids
  • Family Meal Plan Options
  • Exercise Choices
  • Lunch Choices (at school)

The version I’ve seen that I wanted to do was the Date Night Jar! A date night jar can be filled with ideas for a specific theme (like sexy dates, free dates, unusual dates, bucket list dates, etc.) or with random ideas that fit all the categories you can think of.


Supplies Galore!

My HH and I have been married for 10 years. We make sure to carve time out of our very busy family life for just us. The kids have gotten used to it, even if they do give us an “awe, I wanna go too” when we tell them. Date night is usually spontaneous as far as availability goes so most times we do dinner and movie. Which is fine since we like most of the same kinds of movies and we can only afford it when it’s a big movie we both want to see anyway. Yep we’re a “blockbusters” kinda movie couple, otherwise we Redbox or Netflix it. πŸ™‚

In order to gather up a few more date nights without necessarily hurting the family funds and still keeping the movie & meal option open I chose to make my selection for date night ideas more wallet friendly and picked 27 free or low cost ideas. Our official “coupling” was on the 27th so that is why I chose that many. Next, out came the supplies.


My Wooden Rainbow

I used my kids markers to color the back and front of the 27 Popsicle sticks. We both love art and color is more representative of that for us, me specifically. There are three of each color of the rainbow, although since I was coloring rather than painting the sticks the Red, Orange, and Pink look pretty much the same…but they aren’t. You’ll just have to trust me on that.

This can of course be done with paints. If using paint there are a few ways of coloring the sticks:

    • Dip one end into the paint and set it into a Styrofoam stand to dry (laying it would ruin the paint on that side). Repeat on other end.
    • Dip the stick only half way (as noted above), only paint the one half.
    • Lay them on newspaper and paint one side with tempra or acrylic water based paint, let dry. Repeat on the other side. Use different colors or all one color.
    • Lay them onΒ  newspaper and paint them all one color with spray paint, let dry. Flip over and repeat.
    • Only paint one side in any of the above methods.

I did all the coloring while HH and I were watching a movie on TV. Then I used a fine tip felt pen to write one idea on each stick. I used markers to color in the “Mr & Mrs” wooden cut out that was in my craft stuff too. I bought that at Michael’s Arts & Crafts a while ago and it’s been waiting to be used for this exact project. πŸ™‚


That’s one way to do it

My trusty HGG came out to attached the two colors of ribbon to the dowel rod. I wanted a blooming flower of ideas theme to the look of my “jar”. Marriage takes work, just like a garden. The idea sticks are the “ideas”, the wooden cut out is the bloom of our marriage and then of course there is the vessel we plant it into. Which is also special.

The vase was hand-made by HH himself back when we were dating.

I’ve used the vase over and over for various things through our 10 years together, last was a candle holder. When I saw it sitting on the shelf it occurred to me that this was the perfect vessel for our Mr & Mrs Date night container so I had to scrape out the remaining melted wax inside with a spoon. I used the HGG to drop a ton of glue into the bottom of that small vase so the “flower” would stand upright. I had to hold the dowel in place till the glue cooled enough for the sign not to tip over; maybe three minutes tops. Then I tied a lace ribbon around it, cause why not…

The project took me the entire movie time, granted I wasn’t completely focused only on the project…the movie was better than I was expecting it to be. I showed it to HH and he loved it. He did ask about the suggestions but I told him he’d have to wait for our dates to find out. Now to schedule our next date…who wants to babysit?!



Flower Pot made by Mr J. Webb, Coloring & Ideas composed by Mrs A. Webb