Below you will find crochet abbreviations you’ll see all over this site, and many others. This list is not all encompassing. It’s pretty much the ones I use because they are the terms, jargon, and abbreviations I know. I hope it helps. Check back when needed since I like to learn new tricks and stitches, you never know when new jargon is created or new things learned. Life is grand that way!

Stitch Abbreviations (USA terms)

  • beg = begin (beginning)
  • btwn = between
  • bpdc = Back Post Double Crochet [stitch]
  • CC = contrasting color
  • ch = Chain [stitch]
  • chsp = chain space
  • cont = continue (continuing)
  • dc = Double Crochet [stitch]
  • dc2tog = Double Crochet 2 Together [stitch]
  • dec = decrease
  • dtr = Double Treble (aka Triple) Crochet [stitch]
  • fdc = Foundation Double Crochet [stitch]
  • fsc = Foundation Single Crochet [stitch]
  • ftc = Foundation Treble/Triple Crochet [stitch]
  • fpdc = Front Post Double Crochet [stitch]
  • hdc = Half Double Crochet [stitch]
  • inc = increase
  • MC = main color
  • mgc = Magic Circle
  • PU = pick up
  • rep = repeat
  • rnd = round
  • RS = right side
  • rsc = Reverse Single Crochet [stitch]
  • sc = Single Crochet [stitch]
  • sc2tog = Single Crochet 2 Together [stitch]
  • sk = skip
  • slst = Slip Stitch [stitch]
  • sp = space
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • t-ch = turning chain
  • tr = Treble (aka Triple) Crochet [stitch]
  • WS = wrong side
  • yo = yarn over

Tip: In many patterns the use of brackets [ ] means the instructions within those symbols will be repeated however many times noted after the brackets.

Other Jargon & Abbreviations

  • Frogged ⇔ When you pull out all the stitches and roll the yarn back into the ball because it just aint what it should be. 😉
  • HGG ⇔ Hot Glue Gun
  • ELEldest Little: my oldest child. He’s the leader of the pack and my only human son.
  • FBFurbaby: Barney, our Cat. He’s four months older than EL and thus our “oldest child”.
  • HH ⇔ Hottie Hubby: That is my Husband of course, yes he is a hottie. I’ve posted pics.
  • KidletsLittles: My three children collectively.
  • LL ⇔ Littlest Little: my youngest child. She’s the younger of my two daughters.
  • Minis ⇔ Minions: My three children collectively.
  • MLMiddle Little: the middle child,  who is the older of the two girls.


Angie Advice:  If you click over to LionBrand you’ll find a page of instructions that also gives information on forming the stitches. I also spend a lot of time using youtube and Moogly when I find myself confused on how to make a stitch. In case you’re wondering, those aren’t affiliate links, just pages I use. You are welcome to go there or not, free membership may be needed to view some content on LionBrand and Moogly.


Photo c/o Craftsy pattern