A Super Dog

This morning I agreed to make a dog a cape. Not just any dog though, my youngest child’s lovey. He’s not a big toy so I agreed and told her to grab me a yarn she wanted. Sure enough she grabbed the last ball of the same Lilly’s Sugar N Cream yarn I made her Scrubbies from. I started it on the way to a family get together, finished it while I was there chatting with the folks, and now Dog is wearing it tonight to bed of course.


Laying flat when completed.

I’d give you a gauge but I didn’t have anything to measure it with. I made the pattern up as I went using a part of an old Halloween costume (a ninja mask actually lol) that has been converted to a cape for her big sister’s lovey as a size guide. Had I known when I started she had Dog with her I would have measured against him. Either way it’s not very long or wide. My guess is that it is about 6 inches long, 7 at most and about 5 inches or so wide.


A Dog and his Cape!

I may be able to get my hands back on it tomorrow to get a measurement of it, I doubt it but maybe, if so I will update the post with the size (and also my Ravelry project page). In the mean time here are the specifics for my quick stitch project.


  • Hook: I (9mm)
  • Yarn*: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Scents, size 4, worsted weight
    • Color: Fleur de Lavende
  •  Yarn needle & scissors
  • Dog

*I need to note the yarn I used was not actually the LSC Scent one, it’s the closest color I could find online to the one I used for this quick project. I no longer have the wrapper for the remainder of the skein but if I ever buy more I’ll let you know what the color and lot really are. Any size 4 worsted weight would work for this. It’s quite possible this is actually the Peaches & Cream, color Candy Sprinkles, sold at Wal-Mart since I sometimes get my yarn there. Either way it’s a cotton size 4.

Dog’s cape took me about 2 hours to make in total and will hopefully grant Littlest many nights of bravery against bad dreams. 🙂


Dog is already saving the day for Littlest.


26 Being Slick

Prep for Easter was happening today, along with us going out to an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. In other words, family fun time with the “Easter Bunny”.

I did craft today, I put the finishing touches on NewLittleMan’s TNBC hat for his gift set.


The hat was started and finished in one evening but today I did the eyes up, attached them, and then stitched on his mouth. The eyes were surprisingly fun to do. The only tutorials I could find for tear drop or rain drop shapes were in foreign languages (picture tutorials). I had to wing it, I think they came out pretty good and I didn’t get frustrated by my lack of pattern which was very nice. I’m going to thank the Easter Bunny Spirit for that, his jelly beans must have given me a bit of extra patience. 😉 Thank you EB.

I have started on the jacket and can hardly wait to see NewLittleMan in his ensemble.

Almost There Twentieth

March is almost over already! Where has the month gone to so quickly?! Time flies when you’re having fun making messes…I mean being crafty. 😉

Today I worked on more crochet. In fact I started the squares for the summer blanket. I set it aside when my fingers started to cramp from holding the size 2 cotton yarn. I have small fat stubby fingers so the thinner yarns make my left hand cramp. Holding the tail end, the end that controls the tension, is awkward because I have to wrap it between my ring finger and pinky finger. However, since it’s so thin getting a consistent grip for doing that is sketchy.


Yep I’m a nail bitter…disregard that.

This issue with my hands and tension control is exactly why I have yet to venture into the awesome world of thread crochet. My mother used to make us clothes for our Barbie dolls and our baby dolls using those skinny threads/yarns.  After I set it aside I grabbed my skein of Red Heart Super Saver white yarn to make the -first hat for the TNBC baby set for NewLittleMan and NewLittleOne. I’ve gotten most of this first one done today. Crampy hands though so I set it aside also and did the Mom thing for a while. After that I had some ice cream and watched the Caps game with HH.


Four more rows and it’ll be ready for details!

It’s all SC’s done in the round, coming along quick enough. Somewhere in all that I wrote this post up of course but it’s been a pretty lazy feet up in Muppet slippers kind of day for me. Which is good because every now and again you should take a feet up in Muppet slippers kind of day for sanity’s sake. And, again, I took time for Mommying and Wifeying. Yes, those are real words…cause I said so.


Warm N Fuzzy Animals!


Side Note: Thanks to Gwendolyn I feed the need to make note of having missed a calendar day being spoken about here. Luckily, it’s just one. I think the only day I haven’t commented on was the 14th and we did do a small craft that day. We made cards for my mother’s birthday. Hand-made cards are more likely to be kept, at least for a little while, than store bought. They also have lots of Little People imagination in them, something that can not be bought. My mom still has a few select ones that my siblings and I had made her when we were Littles ourselves. She saved them all this time. 💖

Bonus points for the fact that it’s more economical to make them yourself. Especially when, like us, you already have plenty of supplies on hand. Each of the two girls made one. I had to help Littlest with spelling for hers but she signed it herself, as did Middle. I signed the one I made for HH and I. Eldest made one too, a couple days later. Twelve year olds, right?! 😁


Littlest crafting a card.

The box with our hand-madecards and the gifts for Abuela will be mailed out tomorrow, there’s no post on Sundays. Ten points if you know that reference!

A Nice Nineteen

There is a fan page for The Nightmare Before Christmas on FB that I follow. Not too long ago they posted a picture of a crocheted baby suit made to honor Mr Jack Skellington himself. I scoured the internet in search of the pattern to purchase, because naturally I must have such a thing and make it for babies of my life. Yes MUST!

I found the picture that had been shared as a listing on etsy!! Yay!


Outfit made by DustyCrochetProps on Etsy.com


No pattern for it sadly, just the item itself. But hell, that is awesome too! I want to make one though so I am just going to have to do it myself. I’m sure it won’t be as amazing as this person’s creation but I’m going to give it my best shot. I started with the diaper cover. I’ve made these before so I didn’t have much trouble with making up this part of the pattern. It isn’t finished. My plan is to add the white pin stripes Jack has via DMC floss. However I don’t currently have any, nor do I have buttons. I do like that her pattern overlaps the waste, there is no size on the listing and I want to make a 3-6m size. I decided to make mine with non-overlapped waste. I’ll need extra buttons, especially because I have zero of the same size black or white buttons big enough for this diaper cover.

I will be making two of the same set. One going to the same little man, NewLittleMan, that received the Eagle Sleeping Cocoon. The other will be going to an ex-coworker of mine, T’s NewLittleOne. I shared the picture on Facebook and asked who wanted one and they both said they did…ask and you shall receive! lol

Here’s my progress so far:


I’ll be making both sets at the same time so tonight I’ll be getting the second diaper cover done. Both families know about the gift so I have no problem sharing.

Nifty Nine

According to several websites, and as you know everything on the interweb is truth (this is where we collectively eye roll), there is a National Holiday every day of the calendar year. As such, today is National Panic day. To “celebrate” I’ve decided that Pain & Panic will be my project of the day.

I actually couldn’t decide what to do other than that those two would be the inspiration so I searched a lot of Greek things while chilling on the couch with Littles and watching Disney’s Hercules movie, of course.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

HH and I usually have tea together in the evening as part of my nightly relax routine. I burned my thumb on my mug of calamine tea this evening. It hurt for all of maybe a minute at most so I haven’t been traumatized. But I was inspired…here is my NaCraMo project for today.

Mug Cozy2

Used a K hook for this and Homespun Bulk yarn for it. Not sure on the colors since the labels are all messed up (I’ve had these two for quite some time lol). If I was to guess I would say Denim and Eggplant.

I didn’t use any pattern to create it, I simply measured out a row of Foundation Double Crochet to the size of my mug (25 of them if you’re wondering). Joined it to form a circle, then did two rows of Half Double Crochet and a row of Double crochet, all done in the blue/denim color. Fastened that off then I attached the purple and did pattern of [two single crochet, one Treble crochet into the previous row] for the top border and simple slip stitch border on the bottom. Took me about 30 minutes. Simple, quick, and functional.

Mug Cozy

Full view of my 15 oz. capacity FiestaWare Tappered Mug with my Cozy

It Starts!

As mentioned earlier today (here), I’ll be posting a new craft project every day this month in honor of creativity! March is National Craft Month. I actually did get out the glue gun and pop sticks today. But more on that in another post.

I’m starting with a BANG! A first is my first! The long awaited update on the project I  mentioned in my inaugural Tangled Webb post: a peek at my first large self made pattern!

So far I have the ears made for my cat hatted sweater project. I saw a picture online of another crocheted cat hood that gave me the idea to put a smile into my hood even though it would be ears and a smile but no eyes. Yea that sounds kinda creepy…but it’s Cheshire inspired so in my head it makes perfect sense.

Hoodie Cat Ears

My ears!

A few weeks ago I created a one note “notebook” with all the important information gathered for the jacket

  • Inspiration pictures
  • patterns with similar shape
  • how to assemble tutorial links
  • Yarns I plan on using
  • doodles and overwhelming roughly sketched ideas
  • etc…

This weekend I began the hood that these two adorkable little ears would be attached to. All the colors are picked out and put into one of those reusable shopping bags so they are always together for me and are being kept in “my spot” in the living room. I selected my hook and watched some videos while I worked.

I began my hood, then un-began it, then began it again, and once more un-began, and repeat…you get the point.


One of the beginnings, this one didn’t make the cut!

I actually did it three times before I got it to look the way I wanted. Then I had to frog it once more. When I re-measured it to my head I realized that with only the few rows I had it would be incredibly heavy for a hood if I continued with the length I calculated. Not to mention it’s a hood that is supposed to be attached to the rest of the jacket. So I took it apart and increased my hook size. Then stitched it back together, twice since I now had to rework the pattern.

I ended up changing the pattern in the mean time of course since I hadn’t written it down very neatly. I’m kinda glad I was being so haphazard about something I’d normally be sort of OCD about since in the end I like the pattern as it ended up developing.


Here it is so far with some back/front post crochet, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. The post crochet rows, half double rows and double crochet rows will repeat, twice; I think…Reality is, I’m winging it so I’m not completely sure yet. I’m letting the yarn tangle me as it so chooses. So far it’s been a bit frustrating but I think the yarn and I now understand each other a tad better and the arguments between us shall ebb.

It’s National Crafting Month, what have you began crafting?


Well I did it! I finished making all three of my Littles their own face scrubby sets.

The last one I’d been working on was for my son. He’s the oldest and honestly I probably should have done his first but…too late for that. It’s done and there we go. In case you missed it, the scrubby I’m talking about is the one I posted about on my initial post here on A Tangled Webb.

I could have finished it within a day or so of starting it, but then life happened and I set it down. I officially finished it this past Sunday, prior to the big game of course.

I’m almost positive he already started using it. He better have or he’s going to have one mad Mama.

20160207_161913 (1)

I have a basic pattern to it written out but I’m going to have my teacher, aka Mom, make it also. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s been hired as my simple pattern tester. It pays in Grand-kid loves and you can’t beat that! After she confirms it for me I’ll be posting it as my first pattern, it will be free too. Can’t beat that either. 😉

Here are the other two I made:

The first one I made was for my youngest and it is care of this free pattern here: Face Scrubby by Dianne Hunt



The second was for the middle child, both of my girls do use them, I’ve witnessed them doing so. I tend to not spy on the 12 year old’s bathroom habits so I can neither confirm nor absolutely deny that his are already being used; however, I’m going with yes cause Mommy said to do it thus he must do so. Anyway, here is the link to the other pattern, also free: Face Scrubby by Diva Stitches




The pouch for the second pattern I really liked so I used it as inspiration for mine. I should have added one more round to mine though since it is basically the same size as the scrubbers. The extra round would allow for a bit more ease of removal and insertion of the pads. Ah well, ya live and learn, right?

Besides I’m going to instruct my pattern tester to do so. I joined the pouch in the Diva Stitches pattern together differently than listed by using single crochet stitches. Not that it wouldn’t work as listed, it did. I wanted to test the look with the SC and liked the way it formed a boarder so didn’t frog the joining. Both ladies did a great job and I love their patterns. I’m sure I’ll be making some for more of my family members. For the pouch I made for my son I joined the two pieces using a slip stitch in back loops only then sewed the big blue button I found in my sewing basket to the front.

I used Lily’s Sugar N Cream cotton yarn for all three. They’re great for yourself or as a gift and crochet up nice and quick. Happy Hooking!