Awe Peanuts

I’ve been working on a couple of projects so I thought I’d update with one of them. 

I got a Peanuts character kit on Amazon awhile back because I wanted to make a Lucy. The kit says that you can make three of the beloved characters with the stuff it has. Well I didn’t read it very well since the characters are Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock. Arrgh!

Oh well, I started on Chuck and have been working on it here and there since my summer hiatus ended. So far I have a big head and shirt done, there is also an arm someplace in my project bag but I can’t find it. Here’s how he looks so far.

Not too shabby for only the second time I’ve ever tried to make a crochet toy. The first one was a cute little brown beagle looking puppy. But it got ruined in storage a long time ago so I no longer have it.  

Ps I picked up some blue and flesh tone yarn to make Lucy next since I promised my youngest I’d replace theLucy Christmas ornament that broke with a hand made one. That may or may not be completed prior to this Christmas lol. 


A Super Dog

This morning I agreed to make a dog a cape. Not just any dog though, my youngest child’s lovey. He’s not a big toy so I agreed and told her to grab me a yarn she wanted. Sure enough she grabbed the last ball of the same Lilly’s Sugar N Cream yarn I made her Scrubbies from. I started it on the way to a family get together, finished it while I was there chatting with the folks, and now Dog is wearing it tonight to bed of course.


Laying flat when completed.

I’d give you a gauge but I didn’t have anything to measure it with. I made the pattern up as I went using a part of an old Halloween costume (a ninja mask actually lol) that has been converted to a cape for her big sister’s lovey as a size guide. Had I known when I started she had Dog with her I would have measured against him. Either way it’s not very long or wide. My guess is that it is about 6 inches long, 7 at most and about 5 inches or so wide.


A Dog and his Cape!

I may be able to get my hands back on it tomorrow to get a measurement of it, I doubt it but maybe, if so I will update the post with the size (and also my Ravelry project page). In the mean time here are the specifics for my quick stitch project.


  • Hook: I (9mm)
  • Yarn*: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Scents, size 4, worsted weight
    • Color: Fleur de Lavende
  •  Yarn needle & scissors
  • Dog

*I need to note the yarn I used was not actually the LSC Scent one, it’s the closest color I could find online to the one I used for this quick project. I no longer have the wrapper for the remainder of the skein but if I ever buy more I’ll let you know what the color and lot really are. Any size 4 worsted weight would work for this. It’s quite possible this is actually the Peaches & Cream, color Candy Sprinkles, sold at Wal-Mart since I sometimes get my yarn there. Either way it’s a cotton size 4.

Dog’s cape took me about 2 hours to make in total and will hopefully grant Littlest many nights of bravery against bad dreams. 🙂


Dog is already saving the day for Littlest.