A Traveling Tangle

Recently the family took a road trip to see family and friends. It’s a roughly 6 hour trip each way so I brought along two projects.
The first is the unfinished Jack Skellington baby suit project (seen here). The second is the summer blanket project I decided HH and I need. We do. We had a “light” bedspread that we kept on our bed only in summer. Until a few years ago that is. We returned from a beach trip to it having a battery acid stain on it that had not been there when we left three days before. I blamed the cat and his “party while we were away” shenanigans. He blamed our resident ghost cat. Either way we had to toss it and haven’t had one since. The blanket was tossed, we still have the party animal and the ghost coincidentally.


My progress prior to hitting the road.

I have tried starting several patterns the last few weeks but have gotten no where fast. After several more days of searching, and paying a small fee, I have a pattern I love. In case you have yet to pick up on this particular personality trait of mine Dear Readers, I get creativity bored (c.b.) easily. Hard to believe I know, alas tis truer than true. The patterns by Frank O’Randle are the perfect antidote to my c.b. problem. They change pattern and stitch often; which also makes for a healthly challenge. He recommends the use of row/stitch markers and counting of stitches from beginning to ensure accuracy later on in the pattern. I agree. I messed up the count on a row and had to frog three rows, then two rows, and one row this past time. Dont be like me, follow his suggestion and be sure to count.😉 You dont want to pull 100 rows of crochet cause you missed a stitch who knows where right? Cause…Oye!

My choosen pattern is: Rings of Change by Frank O’Randle on Ravelry

I have officially begun the project in my Ravelry profile of course but haven’t added the Yarns, notes, and the like to it yet. I have listed my supplies below. I have no idea how much of each yarn will be used since I’m using size 2 and 3 Yarns in comparison to the size 4 of the written pattern so I will have to keep track in Ravelry and I’ll put that in my final Tangled post for this blanket.

I’m 99% certain it won’t be done by the 2016 summer solstice thus I’ve made my deadline the 2017 summer solstice. I’ve made a couple of blankets before with the help of my Pattern Tester, that’s my Mom for those that don’t know. She has more experience and is a much faster crochet worker than I and we finished those works of art relatively quickly; therefore I think a year solo is a good long limit. Especially because I can’t remember how long it took me to make the one twin sized octagon-granny-square blanket I made back in high school.


My traveling stash!

My Supplies:
Hook size: G/4.5mm**
Yarn needle
Stitch markers (a must)
Travel folding scissors
Printed out pattern
Pencil (for checking off last row finished, writing color used, and various notes)
Yarns listed below (one of each in my project bag)
Red project bag to keep it all in

COTTONS:Patons Yarns “Grace” (100% mercerized cotton)
1) Natural {62008} size 3 Light, lot 2015-08-002
2) Lavender *  {62903} size 3 Light, lot 2013-09-004
3) Orchid {62307} size 3 Light, lot 2015-01-001
4) Citadel {62048} size 3 Light, lot 2015-01-002
* This is the multi color yarn, the color by the company is lavender.

BLENDS:Premier Yarns “Cotton Fair” (52%cotton, 48%acrylic)
1) Baby Blue {#27-03} size 2 Fine, lot 6025
2) Lavendar {#27-09} size 2 Fine, lot 4559
3) White {#27-01} size 2 Fine, lot 1355
4) Slate Grey {#27-13} size 2 Fine, lot 3394
5) Black {#27-14} size 2 Fine, lot 2037

**My crochet hook lights up, it’s a CROCHET LIGHT SABER!
Yes I am that much of a dork, and I’m proud of it.


Thankful on Thirteen for Sixteen Researching

Today’s post comes care of Sunday. Today I spent my free time searching quilt patterns. Not because I do quilting (my Mother-in-Law does though so we have many of them in our home). My plan is to make a light summer bed spread for my Queen sized bed. My mother and I had made a clown blanket together many years ago out of 4×4 granny squares. PING, light bulb!

HH and I had talked about replacing our summer bread spread that got ruined by battery acid but have not gotten around to go shopping for to it the last few years. So I’ll just make one instead. Therefore, today was research day. I’d be looking to find a light cotton yarn or thread (suggestions are more than welcome by the way) and a color pattern that will go nice with the fresh coat of paint going onto the walls during HH’s Spring Break hiatus and the Winter Quilt his mother made for us three years ago. Why that? Because she made a wall hanging to match it and I love the material I had chosen for it and we hung it on the wall so it has to match. Yes it does.

Clown Twin sized

Mommy & Me made a Twin sized Quilt!


Sunday afternoon I had finished up a project I had been working on for a new man in my life, my Tribe’s baby! But first, I broke out the heavy equipment! My Brother sewing machine. I was going to stitch a patch to the item I crocheted with some clear thread because hand sewing it on wasn’t going to cut it. Thus I had to wind a bobbin. I’m quite proud of myself for doing this actually. I can’t even remember the last time I took out my sewing machine. And, I didn’t mess it up or tangle the thread or nuthin’! 😀



On to my project for the day, or rather, finishing of my project. I used Philadelphia Eagles colors because they’re Eagles fans, naturally. The buttons are care of my MIL. She had let me raid her stash last year when I needed buttons for the donation set and I got a handful of others besides the ones for that project. I thought these would be festive perfection for NewLittleMan.


I have the project over in my Ravelry profile naturally.  It’s a free pattern by Mama That Makes which can be found via this link here. I crochet very loosely when I DC for some reason so it’s larger than the pattern she created in sense of gauge. I also added a couple of rows to ensure it would fit for a while since I wasn’t sure how tall NewLittleMan was going to be by the time he wouldn’t stay in it any longer.

Sunday night I got to see the family that would be getting the snuggie / cocoon / thing-a-ma-bob, a family in my Tribe which I’m so thankful to have in my life, while we all celebrated my niece’s 20th birthday. Coincidentally I got Mommy and Daddy in my selfie with snoozing NewLittleMan. It wasn’t planned that way, just a happy oops. That’s Mommy beside me with the white shirt and sleepy Daddy beside her.



They loved it. Mommy even called it a new family heirloom. Touchdown for me! Mommy sent me a picture of him all snuggled up when they got home.


No flash photography please, you’ll wake the baby.

He’s a wiggler and luckily my stitching is loose so Mommy will be able to (and did) adjust as needed. Little boys tend to be escape artists ya know. 🙂  I was so happy to get the picture, it was unexpected. I love making things for my family and friends. I’m that person.

I didn’t request a pic of him sleeping in it but a million thank yous Mommy for sending it to me. I love it in all its dark blurry perfection and I love you too (and the boys).

We’re at the half way point now and I’ve only missed two days of creativity. It’s been hard to keep up with getting the posts done but a lot fun making the stuff. What NaCraMo creation have you crafted this week?

Blowing Kiss Emoji C2C Square

This is just TOO cute! I want to make one of these, looks like a super fun project. Not sure who I would give this too though. Any suggestions?? Below is part of a nine square series she’s making. I know I have all these colors sooo…

Seriously, who can I make this for?? I feel as though I need this kind of adorable in my project life.

**Note: This is her pattern and hard work that I am sharing, you can access the full pattern and details via the links on the bottom of this post. Nope I’m not an affiliate, just a fan!


There’s more emoji’s to check out!

If you missed square #1 you can find it here: Heart Eyes Emoji And square #2 here: Sobbing Emoji And square #3 here: Tears of Joy Emoji I am creating a 9-square corner-to-corner (C2C) blanket just like my Christmas Character Afghan but smaller. The squares are 15×15 pixels (where as my Christmas characters were 25×25) and each one has a different emoji face […]

Source: Blowing Kiss Emoji C2C Square and Pixel Graph

Check it out over on Repeat Crafter Me!