My Webb

This is a site for my crochet. The title is a bit of a play on words. My name is Angie Webb, this is a crochet site (crochet is a tangle of thread/yarn), and this is the world wide web. See what I did there.

Well a bit about me. I’m just me. Just finding my way thru the maze of life, one heartbeat at a time. Enjoying a cup or two of tea and finding what makes me…me!

I plan on leaving projects here of the following nature:

  • Projects I have made with my own two hands
  • Projects I created with my own pattern
  • Projects I created from someone else’s pattern (free or purchased from them)
  • Projects I’m working on at the time of posting
  • Things I already know about crochet (my skill with it at least)
  • Things I have recently learned about crochet
  • Projects made with my own pattern and parts of someone else’s patterns (free or purchased from them)
  • Projects inspired by other people’s amazing work.
  • Already completed work
  • Future work I’d love to make
  • Future work I’m planning to make
  • Anything else I can think of at the time… lol

I will link to the website I get another pattern from, or the inspiration from it, where needed or even just post pictures. I believe credit should always be given where it is due and I would hope that those that find my work will do the same.

Not all posts will have the patterns (linked to creators or typed out). But for those that will you are welcome to share the page with others and even sell the items you created but please do not take credit for my work instead please let others know it’s free to them also by linking directly back to this site.

A bit more about me: My mom taught me to crochet when I was in elementary school. It all started with a basic granny square and it snowballed from there. My first “non-square” project was a small toy stuffed dog. I have no idea where that toy ever ended up but I’m sure it’s happily lapping up some laughs with the gang from Toy Story someplace magical.

I work full time in a lab. I’m happily married to the Hottie pictured below. (Ps. I’m the girl with pulled back blue hair)


I’m not only his Babe but also a Mommy of three and lover of Alice in Wonderland, TEA, music, and especially all things creative!

A few things I like, besides the obvious site source and in no particular order: baking, writing, reading, photography, scrap booking, cooking, playing games and making up stories with the Minis are at the top of my list at all times! Strong in Faith and owner of a potty mouth. All in between working and being mom and wife. It’s an interesting way to go about life I’d say.

I have another blog about my journey dealing with anxiety, depression, and the voices in my head that like to play with those things, if you’re interested you’re welcome to read along over at:


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