Awe Peanuts

I’ve been working on a couple of projects so I thought I’d update with one of them. 

I got a Peanuts character kit on Amazon awhile back because I wanted to make a Lucy. The kit says that you can make three of the beloved characters with the stuff it has. Well I didn’t read it very well since the characters are Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Woodstock. Arrgh!

Oh well, I started on Chuck and have been working on it here and there since my summer hiatus ended. So far I have a big head and shirt done, there is also an arm someplace in my project bag but I can’t find it. Here’s how he looks so far.

Not too shabby for only the second time I’ve ever tried to make a crochet toy. The first one was a cute little brown beagle looking puppy. But it got ruined in storage a long time ago so I no longer have it.  

Ps I picked up some blue and flesh tone yarn to make Lucy next since I promised my youngest I’d replace theLucy Christmas ornament that broke with a hand made one. That may or may not be completed prior to this Christmas lol.