Peeping the End

One more day left in National Craft Month, the end of daily projects is near. I Peep a conclusion! Cheesy stuff, it’s okay to laugh at it though. With the Easter holiday goodies still laying around I decided my final project for the month would be one of my very favorite Easter treats… A Peep!

I have always loved getting that bright yellow little bird in my basket. It was the first non-chocolate thing I looked for, after the egg hunt of course. I followed the crochet Peeps & Bunnies pattern I found on Ravelry.

My hand-made Peep sitting with the basket hand-made by Eldest!

My hand-made Peep sitting with the basket hand-made by Eldest!

These adorable little chicks are a quick little project. I chose yellow since I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my favorite non-chocolate Spring time treat so naturally I went with a nice bright yellow. Yes I do believe the other colors taste different, yellow and pink are very different “flavours”.

The little black buttons (I use this term quite loosely here) are from the family stash and are glued on. My girls weren’t too happy that I said the Peep was for me and whined a bit so I agreed to make them each one in their favorite color. I’ll have those hooked up in no time, or at least at some point prior to Easter 2017. It’s on the list. 😉

Happy Easter!