All March Long

I did it! Mostly! I’m pretty proud of what I came up with for 31 days of being crafty on the run, and I only missed four days; with valid reasoning of course. Next March will go a lot smoother since now I have a bunch of links, ideas, pins, and the like to create not only crochet projects but also other crafting projects all saved up. The list just keeps growing!

For this last project of the day we did one very simple thing, we decorated the outside of a canvas bag for Middle. She currently takes ballet, it’s her second year of doing dance classes and, like her Mom, she is sometimes forgetful. Luckily the instructor is super sweet and understanding so missing foot covering for a class here and there has not been a problem. She doesn’t take tap after all.  However, in order to help her remember to grab her dance shoes I promised her I’d get her a bag to carry her stuff to and from class in that we could keep right by the door. In the spirit of National Craft Month I let her pick out a tote and we grabbed the markers. She even let Littlest help with the decorating. It wasn’t as much “help” as Littlest wanted to give big sister but it was enough to keep them from breaking out into a fight. Middle loved this idea much better than me just buying her a bag at the studio…so did my wallet.

  • Canvas bag from Dollar Tree $1.00
  • Markers from home $0.00 (although you can also use the ones they sell at the Dollar Tree so also only $1.00)
  • Time with my girls FREE and filled with Love!
  • Total monetary cost of project $1.05 (or $2.10 if’ we’d bought new markers)

Middle & Littlest decorating the canvas bag

Considering I had not planned ahead and begun this non-crochet journey on the fly, I think I fared pretty well in what I came up with while still getting some crochet in. Below is s summary with all the links for this month’s projects but we’ll be back to the Tangling by this Webb next month.

  • March 1st Celebrate Creativity: My post about craft month
  • March 2nd It Starts!: I started my big project for the year, a crocheted jacket
  • March 3rd Crafty Deux: two popsicle frames
  • March 4th Three Trees: star wars snowflakes
  • March 5th For the Fourth: The beginning of dream catchers
  • March 6th Finished on the Fifth: I finished my dream catcher
  • March 7th Sixth Day Smiles: Finished off the Littles’ dream catchers
  • March 8th  this craft was posted on the 10th since I was sick on the 7th and 8th
  • March 9th Nifty Nine: for Panic Day I made a crocheted cup cozie and had calamine tea
  • March 10th Yester-Eight: The basket made on the 8th while I was sick
  • March 11th Ten: The top hat for middle name day, Victoria
  • March 12th Tool Time: Time spent organizing all my tools and supplies
  • March 13th Silly Pretty Twelve: Making silly pencil toppers and pretty pencil toppers
  • March 14th Simply Pie: A “Pi” Pie crocheted wearable pin
  • March 15th An Idle Fifteenth: A page of suggestions since I didn’t craft
  • March 16th Thankful for Thirteen on Sixteen: My finished baby cocoon for NewLittleMan
  • March 17th there was no craft done this day, we spent time together just being us
  • March 18th Skipped Seventeen Sort-Of: My post about St Paddys day with my family
  • March 19th Eighteen and Eager: Painting the supply cabinets for my scrap boooking supplies
  • March 20th A Nice Nineteen: Starting the TNBC baby set, the bottom is almost done
  • March 21st Almost There Twentieth: Starting TNBC baby hat, blanket squares, and making cards for Grandma
  • March 22nd Twenty-One Finally Done: The date night jar
  • March 23rd Two for Twenty-Two: The beginning of Mermaid tails
  • March 24th Twenty-Two Part Two on Three: The finishing of our Mermaid tails
  • March 25th Twenty-Five HE is Alive: Easter stained glass window
  • March 26th 26 Being SlickThe finishing touches added to TNBC baby hat.
  • March 27th EGG-Static 27: Coloring Easter Eggs, a family First!
  • March 28th there was no craft done this day, we spent time together just being us
  • March 29th Colorful 29: Coloring is good for the soul, it’s calming.
  • March 30th there was no craft done this day, I spent the time sleeping due to being sick yet again.
  • March 31st All March Long:  We decorated a canvas bag for Middle.

And that is all she wrote…err…we…created! It was a lot and it was a lot of fun! How did you fare for NaCraMo2016?


Angie the Admin aside: Sorry for the delay, I will need to reinstall my WordPress app it seems, I pushed this post and the one for the 29th to go live via mobile app, obviously it didn’t upload to published as I had expected it to. Bad mobile, bad!



Peeping the End

One more day left in National Craft Month, the end of daily projects is near. I Peep a conclusion! Cheesy stuff, it’s okay to laugh at it though. With the Easter holiday goodies still laying around I decided my final project for the month would be one of my very favorite Easter treats… A Peep!

I have always loved getting that bright yellow little bird in my basket. It was the first non-chocolate thing I looked for, after the egg hunt of course. I followed the crochet Peeps & Bunnies pattern I found on Ravelry.

My hand-made Peep sitting with the basket hand-made by Eldest!

My hand-made Peep sitting with the basket hand-made by Eldest!

These adorable little chicks are a quick little project. I chose yellow since I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my favorite non-chocolate Spring time treat so naturally I went with a nice bright yellow. Yes I do believe the other colors taste different, yellow and pink are very different “flavours”.

The little black buttons (I use this term quite loosely here) are from the family stash and are glued on. My girls weren’t too happy that I said the Peep was for me and whined a bit so I agreed to make them each one in their favorite color. I’ll have those hooked up in no time, or at least at some point prior to Easter 2017. It’s on the list. 😉

Happy Easter!