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Monday, the 28th, there was no crafting done after work. HH was sick so I didn’t feel up to that kind of thing with the kids. Last night I didn’t do a craft per-say. But, Surprise Baby Sitting my Uber Adorable baby Niece happened. When she arrived we were just finishing up our dinner, she wasn’t hungry so I got her a coloring book and she was happy as a little clam for almost an hour.

When Middle and Littlest were done with their dinners they joined in on her fun. It was awesome watching the three of them, as usual. What made it even better was I was feeling horrible when I got home, thank you sinus pressure causing migraine! Their happy giggles and fun honestly helped make me feel better! Happiness is Healthy! And healthy is infectious!



I love to color, I always have. This new “trend” for Adult Coloring is right up my inner-5 year old playground! It truly is. I currently have 3 of my own coloring books all to myself. The mandala on the right in the photo above is from a book I purchased for myself from Michael’s craft store late last year. The book (upper left) was a gift from my Big Sister for Christmas.

The pictures in the one from my sister are my favorite. At first glance I probably would never have purchased that book if it was up to me. But the more time I’ve spent just looking at the pages (while trying to decided on which to color of course) the more I love that book. She said it reminded her of me. It’s SO me!! I’m a Brooklyn girl at heart, thru and thru, born and bred, always and forever! And my mind goes so abstract at the most random times that it’s daunting even to me sometimes. The pictures in that book remind me of what my mind is like. Makes me love my sister just that much more that she gets me like that. The picture of the stars was the first one I colored in after I got it. There is method in the madness of it if you can believe it, and yep I colored the little girl like me. Of course!

As noted in this article in The Atlantic it’s good for you to color. It’s not really news for it to be announced that stress is a killer and that it’s okay to sometimes be like the little children, it’s actually in the Bible too; for completely different reasons but still it’s great advice. But if you would like to see some other info about how coloring is helpful here’s a link to some therapeutic input. (IMPORTANT ASIDE: I’m not a doctor so ask YOUR DOCTOR if you are still unsure if you should pick up the habit of picking up colors.)


The above is the latest book I aquirred. It was a gift to me from my Spirit Animal Kimi. The other two pictures are examples of the inside of it. I’d been considering doing a devotional for a while. Without even mentioning that to her she made it happen. Duuuuude, Kimi get outta my head. Just kidding, you can stay, don’t get scared. Anyway, if you’re itching to get out the markers and crayons but don’t have a coloring book, or your kid’s book is all full up, just click here for 29 free Printables to color. I’m considering doing one of those myself…

NaCraMo is almost over! What projects have you enjoyed the most?

Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest courtesy the artist and Laurence King 3

Actually, I’ve decided, yep I’m doing THIS one!


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