Twenty Two Part Two on Three

Okay, on three let’s finish up the Mermaid tails from Tuesday. Ready?



Wait!! Do we say three and then start or do we start as soon as we say three? I never did understand how that was supposed to work so let’s just get to the post shall we? Yes we shall!


Littlest on Tuesday doing the tracing.

We didn’t finish this project last night because I was down for the count. I had the migraine from Hades and basically slept all evening after work so tonight we got it finished instead. Which worked out well, Littlest was feeling a bit down and craft time cheered her right up! Ten points for Mommy!

On to the project…We left off Tuesday night at having added the Velcro strips. I was supposed to mention that the first part of the Velcro piece should be placed where I marked the black line in the template: Here’s the photo again for reference, ps. My bad Folks!

Exhibit A: Add Velcro where the black mark is on upper left.

Exhibit A: Add Velcro where the black mark is on upper left.

Once the glue is set (use HGG for this) glue the scales onto the main part of the tail. I suggest the wiggly type glittered ribbon as shown in my photos, sequins (which we didn’t have in our stash), pearl ribbon, or anything your heart desires. This was the most time consuming part. The ribbon wouldn’t stay with regular glue so the HGG was used. I let each of the girls put their ribbon on the tail then slide it to me and glued the pieces down where they placed them.

Here’s Middle doing her decorating prep by cutting pieces of pearl ribbon.


Once this part is done the last step is to glue the fins to the back side of the bottom. We also decorated the fins cause, well why not? More shiny! The girls had to go to bed when we were finished so they were not allowed to play with the dolls tonight. However, they are super excited to play with their new Mer-People, yes Mer-People. I made a tail for one of their Ken dolls as well as for a Barbie. How do you think we did?

My Barbie Model

My Barbie Model


Our Mer-People; (from l-r) Middle’s Doll, both of mine, and Littlest’s Doll 


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