Two for Twenty-Two

Today is World Water Day! Where would we all be without the wonder of H2o? I don’t know but I’d like to avoid it. In honor of the occasion today we had a water themed craft night, sort of.


Exhibit A: tails and supplies

I didn’t want to do a project that would use up water to be honest, seemed kind of counter-productive to the theme. Instead, while scrolling the Pin site the light bulb went off. Not because I saw my intended project but because I was trying to figure out if I had any coffee filters to make these adorable Ocean Animal Suncatchers. I don’t by the way.

Mermaids live in the ocean so yeah, it makes sense to randomly think of that. Tonight we begun what will be a two night (and two post) project: BARBIE TAILS!

As shown in Exhibit A above the Littles have tails already, but as soon as I whispered in my “we’re gonna do something awesome and super fun” -type voice to them that we would make more tails they squealed with excitement and abandoned the toys they were playing with. Yes, on the floor, directly in the path of my feet. Don’t worry I didn’t fall…hard.

Supplies Needed:

  • Felt Squares
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun (parental supervision required)
  • Velcro Dots/Strips
  • Sequins or Shiny Wiggle Ribbon
  • Pearl Ribbon
  • Barbie &/or Ken doll

Tonight started by me making a stencil out of a piece of Green felt for the main body of the tail. There were two options for this: with the fins attached and without. Without the the fins was easier for the girls to trace (especially Littlest) and cut out.  The dotted line across the green felt represents where to cut straight across if you don’t want the fins attached.  Then I made a cut out stencil of the fin. You will need to make two of the same fin with the one template.


Shown Large for Details

Step One: With the black sharpie trace the tail stencil onto a chosen color of felt. Also trace two fins. We chose a separate color for each, fish many times have different color fins from their scales. 🙂

Cut out all three pieces carefully.

Step Two: We attached a 1″ piece of sticky Velcro{soft side} to the back side of the felt (the side with the black markings) along the top straight edge. The other piece of the Velcro (the hook side) was attached to the front of the felt (non-black marked side). You should lay the Barbie onto the felt to ensure you are placing the front piece in the proper spot. You’ll want the tail to start at the hips so it may not lay completely flat, as shown below in Exhibit B


That was as far as we got tonight. Our next steps will be to decorate the front of the main part of the tail. It should be noted that due to the fact I only have heavy duty Velcro I had to use the HGG to keep the Velcro pieces attached to the felt. Otherwise when you pull them apart they come right off one side or the other. They can also be sewn on with a quick straight stitch.

We had fun doing just this part and only got frustrated trying to peel the back from the Velcro. We made a note to self to get less duty stuff next time we need to buy it. lol


Exhibit B: Littlest measuring where to place the front piece of Velcro

The tail is open in back on purpose, Barbie and Ken will need to walk in their tails you know. 😉


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