Almost There Twentieth

March is almost over already! Where has the month gone to so quickly?! Time flies when you’re having fun making messes…I mean being crafty. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today I worked on more crochet. In fact I started the squares for the summer blanket. I set it aside when my fingers started to cramp from holding the size 2 cotton yarn. I have small fat stubby fingers so the thinner yarns make my left hand cramp. Holding the tail end, the end that controls the tension, is awkward because I have to wrap it between my ring finger and pinky finger. However, since it’s so thin getting a consistent grip for doing that is sketchy.


Yep I’m a nail bitter…disregard that.

This issue with my hands and tension control is exactly why I have yet to venture into the awesome world of thread crochet. My mother used to make us clothes for our Barbie dolls and our baby dolls using those skinny threads/yarns. ย After I set it aside I grabbed my skein of Red Heart Super Saver white yarn to make the -first hat for the TNBC baby set for NewLittleMan and NewLittleOne. I’ve gotten most of this first one done today. Crampy hands though so I set it aside also and did the Mom thing for a while. After that I had some ice cream and watched the Caps game with HH.


Four more rows and it’ll be ready for details!

It’s all SC’s done in the round, coming along quick enough. Somewhere in all that I wrote this post up of course but it’s been a pretty lazy feet up in Muppet slippers kind of day for me. Which is good because every now and again you should take a feet up in Muppet slippers kind of day for sanity’s sake. And, again, I took time for Mommying and Wifeying. Yes, those are real words…cause I said so.


Warm N Fuzzy Animals!


Side Note: Thanks to Gwendolyn I feed the need to make note of having missed a calendar day being spoken about here. Luckily, it’s just one. I think the only day I haven’t commented on was the 14th and we did do a small craft that day. We made cards for my mother’s birthday. Hand-made cards are more likely to be kept, at least for a little while, than store bought. They also have lots of Little People imagination in them, something that can not be bought. My mom still has a few select ones that my siblings and I had made her when we were Littles ourselves. She saved them all this time. ๐Ÿ’–

Bonus points for the fact that it’s more economical to make them yourself. Especially when, like us, you already have plenty of supplies on hand. Each of the two girls made one. I had to help Littlest with spelling for hers but she signed it herself, as did Middle. I signed the one I made for HH and I. Eldest made one too, a couple days later. Twelve year olds, right?! ๐Ÿ˜


Littlest crafting a card.

The box with our hand-madecards and the gifts for Abuela will be mailed out tomorrow, there’s no post on Sundays. Ten points if you know that reference!