Eighteen and Eager

Today was another day of letting my inner organization fanatic take the wheel, and the inner 5 year old, rather than creating something. However I also picked the colors for the summer quilt I will begin crocheting and the pattern. The colors and pattern will be revealed at the appropriate moment.


My chalk paint

I planned out what I want to do for a couple of March craft projects in the new calendar I have. Next weekend I want to work on some scrap booking. However, my supplies weren’t exactly put into order during the great organization rush this past week. They were merely “straightened”. In an effort to get it in order I started to well, get it in order then stopped and painted instead because that makes sense ya know.

I had paper, stickers, die-cuts, stecnils, etc all mixed up and wanted to re-label the drawers as I sorted. But doing so would have looked messy and we just can’t have that. And by we I mean myself and inner organization fanatic, her name is Gwendolyn.


This is Gwendolyn

Anywho, Gwendolyn decided painting the drawers with chalk paint will eliminate the issue of re-labeling. Thus we did exactly that. Personally we love how they all came out. They are still a tad tacky to the touch tonight so I will have to wait till tomorrow to sort the papers into their new proper places.


Before (top) and after (bottom)

We have plenty of chalk in the kids toy bin that I can use to label the drawers whenever I move the supplies around. I also have plenty of supplies to fill the drawers…in fact I could use another container or two.

I did get one item today to help with my shortage of storage space. Michael’s is running a sale this weekend on their storage items so I purchased one portable case. It freed up two drawers of the medium sized cabinet actually. Yay!


Before I filled it and after.

I love customizable container spaces. The only item that doesn’t fit is the circle cutter placed on the floor. Which is fine since I can put it in my desk drawer with the large light up paper cutter and page protectors. 

Gwendolyn is happy and the inner 5 year old loves the fact that I have had paint all over my hands for hours! It’s been a good day.


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