An Idle Fifteenth

Remember, remember the…wait no! Beware the Ides of March!


Have you ever heard that before? Many have. It’s ominous isn’t it? I think so, especially considering that for the longest time after the first time I heard it I had no clue what an Ides was. Sounds icky though.

March 15th is fearfully and famously known as the Ides of March. On this day the known “tradition”, and I use the term lightly, is to go out and settle your debts, or possibly run a goat out of town. Also known as the day some unhappy political fellows got together to “Et-tu Brute” Roman Emperor Julius Caesar back in 44B.C., yep just like in that Shakespeare play.

Personally I don’t think there is anything to fear about the 15th of March but I do like to say Ides, it’s almost Pirate-y in nature. Go ahead, say it out loud. I’ve chosen to spend my Ides being Idle. Okay, okay, truth is I couldn’t decide on what to craft all on my own to post for today. Instead I have a couple of neat suggestions to help to commemorate the day for us all though. Check them out in the links below. Happy Ides!

 Suggestion # 1: Grecian Masks by Mrs Crosbie found here. Super cute! And not too complicated. Littlest would love these since it involves cutting paper and she’s kind of like her Mommy, I used to love to cut paper at her age too according to my mother.



Suggestion #2: Skip the usual boring Caesar salad, instead have some Mini Caesar Bites by Kraft Foods found here.  There’s bacon, cheese, lettuce, bread…what’s not to like? Tasty!



Suggestion #3: This DIY Laurel Crown by Rachel on Little Den Blog found here. I adore this!



Suggestion #4: Saving the one I like the most for last, this awesome crochet block by Margaret MacInnis  over on Ravelry. She’s got some really beautiful and creative blocks in her profile if you’re looking for a new square to hook. Go check her out, I’ve already eyed a few I want to make and printed out the free pattern to get started on making a blanket out of it. Not that I know who will get the blanket but I’m going to make it. 😉



Okay so maybe I won’t be too idle today. Remember March 15th is a day that comes with glad tidings, or maybe that is Lokki. Either way, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself so grab the glue gun, or crochet hooks and yarn, and prepare to craft! Be sure to stop by these awesome creators’ blogs to get instructions!




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  1. You know, I’ve never really heard that before but now I’ve heard it three times today! 🙂 You Virginians teach me stuff and thangs I reckon.


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