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The posting daily takes a turn when the germs infested but so did everything else. So now that I had my “day off” (yes I laugh at that terminology every time too) I did some catching up on things around the house and time with the Littles. I did get my Victorian Hat from Ten finished. Here it is, with a Victory in my life, a happy creative Littlest and Littlest’s Lovey Blue Dog.




This week was hard to do crafts, not just because of the recovery from being sick and also heading back into work but also because my craft room was a hot mess. In order to do any kind of craft, wither it be with kids or iron working, you need to be equipped with four basic things:


  • Knowledge of the craft
  • Proper tools
  • Supplies
  • Imagination (yes I said that in my head like Spongebob, now  you will too)

I’ve got plenty of those things and all of it was mixed up and scattered. Yes, including imagination. Coming up with something new for each day was not made easier by the fact that although I already knew I had supplies I couldn’t actually see what we had. I didn’t, and still don’t, intend to spend extra money for a bunch of stuff to make things with when I own so much to use right now. Here and there a few bucks, sure why not…but I’d rather not go crazy on stuff when I have stuff. Our bank account and HH are appreciative of that.


We no longer needed it for toys so we used it for something better!

I’ve gone through all of the general craft materials, which we have kept in the pictured toy bin stand for the last two years or so, and sorted them by type. So now we have a bin of ribbon, bin of felt, bin of wooden items, sticker bin, clay bin, etc…you get the idea. When Littlest came home from school yesterday even helped me in doing the last of the organizing, she’s just like her Mommy that way. 🙂

You wouldn’t necessarily think of paint as tools but it’s needed to paint something sooo… Well I had to organize that, I also spent about a half hour condensing down the small bottles of half filled finger paint (same color to same color of course).  Gathered the types of glue and added them to the paint center and made sure both of the cloths I use to cover our table were “clean” and folded.


The Paint shelf of this very large bookshelf in the craft room!

Best part about doing all this cleaning was that I found the other glue gun I hadn’t seen in months. Yes I have two, they came in the kit with a staple gun, some colored sticks, glow in the dark sticks, and standard clear glue. I’m currently out of staples for the mini gun so that is a purchase I will have to make. PS, the silicon mat in the photo of my kit is a MUST have in my opinion. It’s saved my table more times than I can even count. PLUS you can use it to make pictures and words out of glue that end up like window clings (yep that’s a project I have planned for the kids and I).


Standard Must Have Crafter Tools: Staple Gun and Glue Gun both fully loaded! 😉

I also do scrap booking, well I haven’t in ages but it’s on my list to do a bunch of it this month. I’ve got some order happening over in that stuff too. I have all of our family albums on the bottom of the bookcase. The shelf of paper and supplies is above the paint shelf, easier to keep it out of line of sight for the kids that like to doodle. The photos are in my desk drawer, separated by own wacky system that maybe one day I will explain.


The scrap booking Center. 


Let your inspiration take over and then chose the right tool for the job, make sure you have the materials needed to create it, and most of all have fun. 

I came across this link earlier this week. It’s a great article for you Crochet Lovers like me. Have a look at this All Free Crochet page about how to choose the right hook for the job.

Happy NaCraMo!


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