Well my grand design of a post a day was foiled by a nice fast hitting germ attack. All blame falls to Hottie Hubby, he even admitted to it. He had a not so great feeling last week, sure enough by Sunday evening I was all infested and yucked up. I was even out of work for two days with fever, chills, Bronchitis, and a sinus infection (all of which I’m still dealing with on some level today).

But I did actually do a little bit of crochet yesterday so do not fear! I crafted!  While binge watching tv I made a basket.

Small Basket

The pattern can be found here: Pattern

I noted it in my Ravelry projects of course: My Profile

When I was all done with it Littlest asked if it was for her. I didn’t make it with that purpose. I didn’t say yes but I asked her why she wanted it; to which she cheerfully responded “for my stuffed animals.” She has about a thousand of those so I’d need a basket about the size of my house so maybe the next one will be for her. Still not sure what to do with this one but I like it.

How has Week two of NaCraMo gone for you so far? Sound off in the comments. 🙂