Nifty Nine

According to several websites, and as you know everything on the interweb is truth (this is where we collectively eye roll), there is a National Holiday every day of the calendar year. As such, today is National Panic day. To “celebrate” I’ve decided that Pain & Panic will be my project of the day.

I actually couldn’t decide what to do other than that those two would be the inspiration so I searched a lot of Greek things while chilling on the couch with Littles and watching Disney’s Hercules movie, of course.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

HH and I usually have tea together in the evening as part of my nightly relax routine. I burned my thumb on my mug of calamine tea this evening. It hurt for all of maybe a minute at most so I haven’t been traumatized. But I was inspired…here is my NaCraMo project for today.

Mug Cozy2

Used a K hook for this and Homespun Bulk yarn for it. Not sure on the colors since the labels are all messed up (I’ve had these two for quite some time lol). If I was to guess I would say Denim and Eggplant.

I didn’t use any pattern to create it, I simply measured out a row of Foundation Double Crochet to the size of my mug (25 of them if you’re wondering). Joined it to form a circle, then did two rows of Half Double Crochet and a row of Double crochet, all done in the blue/denim color. Fastened that off then I attached the purple and did pattern of [two single crochet, one Treble crochet into the previous row] for the top border and simple slip stitch border on the bottom. Took me about 30 minutes. Simple, quick, and functional.

Mug Cozy

Full view of my 15 oz. capacity FiestaWare Tappered Mug with my Cozy