Sixth Day Smiles

Today I made Dream Catchers again. This time I made one with each of my two girls while my son worked on his school project, a large poster about the subject of his research paper. He “crafted” on his own, cause HOMEWORK. :)-

Day 6 muppet1

Patient little hands.

Showing Littlest how to wrap the string around itself frustrated her but she did very well not letting it get the best of her. We did it together as much as she could and then I took over again for a bit. We added a jewel to hers since she did so well. She made up a nice little story about the jewel being the “bee”, aka Bad Dream, that the spider catches in the dream web. She threaded it with some invisible thread and I tied it on for her.

I was so proud of her for the patience she had today. She’s just like her mommy sometimes thus frustration can lead to tears with ease; today it did not. Instead it sparked extra creativity. Since she was being so well behaved #ProudMommy let her finish the project despite it being an hour after her normal nap time then we hung it up over her bed and then she took her nap.

day 6 muppet2

Littlest’s creation in the middle of their 2 Authentic Dream Catchers

While Littlest “napped” Middle and I made hers. Littlest made hers with a Fall theme because her birthday is in the fall and she found a very pretty fall ribbon in our craft supplies. Middle decided to go with a Winter theme because it is one of her favorite seasons. I only told them to pick a ribbon, they made the “season” theme choices themselves.

I did help them with ideas for the ribbons to attach to the bottom and soft materials that would help the good dreams glide down to them. Middle chose the soft pom poms as representations of snow balls. 🙂

day 6 bug2

Middle weaves her web.

The weaving part was just as difficult for Middle to get the hang of so I did have to help her with it just as much as I did with Littlest. There was no frustration, just a lot of confusion. She chose a silver ribbon and the purple/blue/pink ombre string for the web. A white bead for her “spider” because it looked like another snowball, and the golden ribbon as the morning ray of sunshine to come. She doesn’t do naps anymore so we waited till bedtime to bring hers up and then I hung it up for her above her bed.

Sweet dreams for my girls are on their way and another successful NaCraMo is on the books! How did you fare today?

day 6 bug1

Daddy holding Middle’s creation.