Finished on the Fifth

We had a productive day today. After taking a trip to my brother’s house (a favor for him) the family and I took Middle to her weekly dance class. After which was a fun time at the new community library.

There were also groceries to be done, some cleaning, food eating activities, and then I finally got a chance to to finish the Dream catcher. I started and stopped it several times. Tangles, mis-ties, dissatisfaction with patterns, etc happened. It takes quite some doing. I already had much respect for the Artisans that make these beautiful pieces, I have even more now. It isn’t much but I’m happy with is as my first go.

As you can see, I didn’t use all of the supplies I posted; they’ll end up in some other project I’m sure. How was your NaCraMo Fifth? Leave me a comment with some details.

Day 5 Dream Catcher