For the Fourth

Evening Dear Readers! Happy NaCraMo 4th!

For the fourth day of National Craft Month I decided to make a Dream Catcher. While out shopping at a local thrift store I came across a bundle that contained two wooden embroidery hoops, craft ribbon, and some other random items. That’s when the idea came to me.

This project will probably be a two day project. I’ve started today with the following supplies:

  • one 2″ plastic ring
  • the 8″ outer ring of embroidery hoop set (you only need one of the pieces)
  • spool of Bamboo cord cut into 60″ pieces (the white cord)
  • spool of Maxi-Cord Jewelry Braid (the brown cord)
  • small handful of wooden beads
  • one 4 piece card of bead landing cording (78 ft, four different Ombre colors)
  • 3 yard spool of navy blue sparkly 16mm satin ribbon
  • scissors

After scouring the inter-web, and Pintrest of course, I’ve decided I’ll be using Macrame knots to put this together. Most of the dream catchers I saw online started with a basic Larks Head Knot. They’re made using weaving, beading, knotting from what I have found for the DIY ones I came across.

march 4th first

This is how to make a Larks Head knot…who knew.


Click over to Native Tech to see a how-to make one and to learn more about the origin of this Native American Art Form. I’ve seen authentic ones and they are beautiful beyond words. One day I hope to be able to own a large one. Each of my kids has a small one we purchased out west when we went to visit family a few years ago. Yes authentic ones, each about 4″ across. As much as I’ve always wanted one for myself I couldn’t afford the larger size that I wanted (and that would probably work best for me frankly) so it’s on my wish list of life. One day…for now I will have this one and my prayers.

Today is a Mommy only craft since, admittedly, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never done macrame or made a dream catcher and I’d rather not try to give it a go while teaching it at the same time; it’d just lead to lots of tears for all involved. Instead the girls are sitting in the room with me happily coloring and playing sweetly with each other. We’ve had a great “girls only” day today and now Mommy will be ending it watching the Captials vs Rangers game while knotting next to Daddy. 😉

I’m off to continue my knots…Wish me luck! Happy NaCraMo 4th!

march 4th second

My stash of Supplies.