Three Trees

Not exactly a tree, or three.

Today’s craft for 3/3 day is SNOWFLAKES! Paper snowflakes of course, I’m a mother but not of Nature. I heard thru the grapevine that we’re expecting a passing of some of that cold white stuff this evening for the area I live in. I’ll believe it when I see it.


We’re not making just any paper snowflakes. We’re nerding out tonight and making Star Wars Snowflakes! I know!!! I was excited too. I couldn’t wait to tell the crew, and I knew even Eldest would want to give it a go. I got the idea care of the fabulousness of scrolling Pintrest.

The idea was on my Pintrest feed (now on my Trek Wars board) and it fit my desire for both Nerdism and Snowflakes perfectly. So thank you Mr Anthony Herrera for your awesome designs and thank you to Geek Culture ( ) for sharing it! All the pattern templates are free over on Geek Culture so go ahead and have some fun.


Here are a couple ideas for more than plain white.

  • Use black construction paper or card stock and clear glue to add glitter for a Galaxy snowflake.
  • Black and blue glitter applied with clear glue for a reverse of the latter.
  • Finger paint some paper (or let the kiddos do it) and use the dried artwork as your snowflake paper.
  • Print the pattern you want and trace it onto thin cardboard (like the packaging of a box of address labels from an office supply store) then cut out the grey area and outer shape (either a square or circle). You just made yourself a stencil to make multiple of the same snowflake without unnecessary waste of printer ink and toner (and thus money).


Tonight all five of us took part in craft night, yep even Hottie Hubby. I printed out 10 of the patterns and we each picked one. Littlest had a bit of trouble getting thru all the layers of paper and Middle also needed help with the detail work. After having a nice birthday dinner with Grandma we came home to make our craft and we had more fun. Check out the pictures below and leave a comment with what you’ve done today for NaCraMo. 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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