It Starts!

As mentioned earlier today (here), I’ll be posting a new craft project every day this month in honor of creativity! March is National Craft Month. I actually did get out the glue gun and pop sticks today. But more on that in another post.

I’m starting with a BANG! A first is my first! The long awaited update on the project I  mentioned in my inaugural Tangled Webb post: a peek at my first large self made pattern!

So far I have the ears made for my cat hatted sweater project. I saw a picture online of another crocheted cat hood that gave me the idea to put a smile into my hood even though it would be ears and a smile but no eyes. Yea that sounds kinda creepy…but it’s Cheshire inspired so in my head it makes perfect sense.

Hoodie Cat Ears

My ears!

A few weeks ago I created a one note “notebook” with all the important information gathered for the jacket

  • Inspiration pictures
  • patterns with similar shape
  • how to assemble tutorial links
  • Yarns I plan on using
  • doodles and overwhelming roughly sketched ideas
  • etc…

This weekend I began the hood that these two adorkable little ears would be attached to. All the colors are picked out and put into one of those reusable shopping bags so they are always together for me and are being kept in “my spot” in the living room. I selected my hook and watched some videos while I worked.

I began my hood, then un-began it, then began it again, and once more un-began, and repeat…you get the point.


One of the beginnings, this one didn’t make the cut!

I actually did it three times before I got it to look the way I wanted. Then I had to frog it once more. When I re-measured it to my head I realized that with only the few rows I had it would be incredibly heavy for a hood if I continued with the length I calculated. Not to mention it’s a hood that is supposed to be attached to the rest of the jacket. So I took it apart and increased my hook size. Then stitched it back together, twice since I now had to rework the pattern.

I ended up changing the pattern in the mean time of course since I hadn’t written it down very neatly. I’m kinda glad I was being so haphazard about something I’d normally be sort of OCD about since in the end I like the pattern as it ended up developing.


Here it is so far with some back/front post crochet, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. The post crochet rows, half double rows and double crochet rows will repeat, twice; I think…Reality is, I’m winging it so I’m not completely sure yet. I’m letting the yarn tangle me as it so chooses. So far it’s been a bit frustrating but I think the yarn and I now understand each other a tad better and the arguments between us shall ebb.

It’s National Crafting Month, what have you began crafting?