Crafty Deux

My mother and I did many arts and crafts together when I was a child. When she lived with us she would often bring home small packs of stickers or novelties for my kids. Most of those things ended up in “projects” she did with them. In other words, we ran out of printer paper within the week. 😀

When I got home from work this evening I told my family about National Craft Month and my idea to do one project each day. The girls were bouncing off the walls with excitement. My mom’s love of creativity was successfully passed down to me and I have shared it, yes with her help of course, with my children. The 12year old was pretty “meh” about the whole thing but I have a feeling before the end of the month he’ll be coming around and joining in on the fun.


Middle Little getting ready!

Tonight was the first “craft with Mommy for NaCraMo”. Middle Little got to do a craft with me. Again Eldest wasn’t into it, and Littlest didn’t keep up her end of our “you eat your dinner and you can do a craft too” deal. She took only two bites of food. Thus she wasn’t allowed to join the fun tonight. Yep, I’m that Mom.

All in all we spent about 30 minutes at the kitchen table, after dinner of course, making our project. I had no idea what I wanted to make today when I first got up to gather supplies. I threw some ideas out there as I dug thru our baskets of craft items that have taken up residence with us. nothing really stuck out to me at first. I decided to start simple, I had to, my head has been pounding all day, at this point simple was all I could muster. Not only was it the first night of NaCraMo, it was a first for Middle today as well.



Middle, carefully putting together her Frame

No burns, not even an “oopsie” slip and minor touch. Lucky duck! I still burn myself with that damn thing. 🙂 By the way, I one handed the photos since I needed to be sure to have my right hand free in case there was an actual slip with the molten plastic machine.

Originally we were going to use some styrofoam balls to make up a Mickey ornament for our Christmas tree. But then Littlest reminded me that the reason we have that bag of various sized balls is because we need to make a Lucy (yes Lucy from Peanuts) since the Lucy plastic ornament broke two years ago. They really love the Peanuts ornaments. Instead we made popsicle picture frames. Classic!


Learning about HOT Glue

I’ve crafted with my kids many times. I always cover the dinning room table with a large old towel first. That is definitely an Angie Tip. I have two that I keep in my craft room specifically for this purpose. The first is almost the size of the table without the extensions put into it. I use that one when all of us are doing a project together or when paint is involved with Littlest because it’s a thicker terry cloth. The other is the one shown above which is a standard sized beach towel. I didn’t need the bigger one since it was only the two of us tonight.

We each made one and decorated them with some tempra paint. We painted a picture in the frame so that it wouldn’t be empty when we didn’t have a printed picture to put into them. Of course I used a soda can top as a bracket on the back cause what else would you use. (Ps the answer could be: string, plastic loop, floral wire, I could go on and on). Once they were all put together and the paint was almost dry I gave them a two second spray of gold glitter spray paint (before I took them off the towel of course).



©AVeryTangledWebb you can make one of your own though, I’m keeping these. 

All done. They have to dry so they are sitting in the craft room and should be good to go by the morning. Frankly neither of us used much paint and I’ll bet they’ll be dry before I’m finished typing this up, it’s more a matter of letting the spray paint smell fade away. I can’t wait till tomorrow. I should go plan for that…