Celebrate Creativity!


It’s time to celebrate creativity!

According to the Craft & Hobby Association, yes that’s a thing, March is National Craft Month! I didn’t know that, shocking but true. To make amends for my lack of knowledge and preparation I’ve given it an shortened name (which is NaCraMo, pronounced nah-crah-mow in my head lol) and also decided to post a project once a day for the entire month. Not that I don’t have work, family, and other things to to tend to… but why not? Crafting is good for you, as is spending time crafting with people. Life’s short, so is March. Exactly!

That’s a LOT of crafting. Which is fine. I need to use up an entire room overflowing with craft supplies. For the record, in keeping with the site so far, not all ideas will be mine but they will all be made by my hands (unless noted) or will be on the verge of being made by my hands. I” do my very best to include directions/tutorials where I can. Yikes! Scary but it’s happening. It’s all happening.  Although this is my little Crochet spot on the web, not everything will be Crochet since there are many crafts I enjoy. I also like to engage in plastic canvas projects, general craftery (yes I made that up), photography, sugar arts, general art making, and scrap booking to name a few. I’m sure to get myself into something else sooner or later so expect the unexpected as they say.

Today is March 2nd so I’ll have to do two crafts today. If any of my friends nearby want to join in feel free to buzz me via phone/email/ the usual ways to let me know you’re coming over for some hot and/or cold glue, needle moving, painting, drawing, coloring (which apparently is considered crafty nowadays-to the delight of my 5 year old self…and my 5 year old of course lol) creative debauchery and shenanigans, and of course Caffeine-ation! I’m looking at you first Nanners!  😉

Side note: There's also the possibility of a VIRTUAL CRAFT PARTY at the end of the month in the works...I'll keep you all posted about that also!

I’ll post the two crafts for today separately from this post, all of them will be tagged with #NaCroMo2016 so feel free to search for them later today. In the mean time, get out your glue guns, pop sticks, yarns, beads, and buttons cause it’s time to get creative!

Crafting Tips

You can find this lovely PDF on the Craft & Hobby Association page Here




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