Well I did it! I finished making all three of my Littles their own face scrubby sets.

The last one I’d been working on was for my son. He’s the oldest and honestly I probably should have done his first but…too late for that. It’s done and there we go. In case you missed it, the scrubby I’m talking about is the one I posted about on my initial post here on A Tangled Webb.

I could have finished it within a day or so of starting it, but then life happened and I set it down. I officially finished it this past Sunday, prior to the big game of course.

I’m almost positive he already started using it. He better have or he’s going to have one mad Mama.

20160207_161913 (1)

I have a basic pattern to it written out but I’m going to have my teacher, aka Mom, make it also. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s been hired as my simple pattern tester. It pays in Grand-kid lovesĀ and you can’t beat that! After she confirms it for me I’ll be posting it as my first pattern, it will be free too. Can’t beat that either. šŸ˜‰

Here are the other two I made:

The first one I made was for my youngest and it isĀ care of this free pattern here: Face Scrubby by Dianne Hunt



The second was for the middle child, both of my girls do use them, I’ve witnessed them doing so. I tend to not spy on the 12 year old’s bathroom habits so I can neither confirm nor absolutely deny that his are already being used; however, I’m going with yes cause Mommy said to do it thus he must do so. Anyway, here is the link to the other pattern, also free: Face Scrubby by Diva Stitches




The pouch for the second pattern I really liked so I used it as inspiration for mine. I should have added one more round to mine though since it is basically the same size as the scrubbers. The extra round would allow for a bit more ease of removal and insertion of the pads. Ah well, ya live and learn, right?

Besides I’m going to instruct my pattern tester to do so. I joined the pouch in the Diva Stitches pattern together differently than listed by usingĀ single crochet stitches. Not that it wouldn’t work as listed, it did. I wanted to test the look with the SC and liked the way it formed a boarder so didn’t frog the joining. Both ladies did a great job and I love their patterns. I’m sure I’ll be making some for more of my family members. For the pouchĀ I made for my son I joined the two pieces using a slip stitch in back loops only then sewed the big blue button I found in my sewing basket to the front.

I used Lily’s Sugar N Cream cotton yarn for all three. They’re great for yourself or as a gift and crochet up nice and quick. Happy Hooking!